5 Cinematic Moments Which Shaped Me Into Who I Am

While it seems cinematic debates can at times become divisive, one thing we can all agree upon is the medium's impact on us all. No matter how many masterful examples of cinematic splendor or dumpster fires are released in theaters, each one of us can easily recall a certain scene or moment which impacted you on a deep level. These moments don't necessarily come from Oscar-caliber projects or even have to be too intricate of a moment. Here are five cinematic moments that shaped me into who I am.

5. The Catch Scene In 'Field of Dreams' 

I remember going with my family to see Field Of Dreams. My dad was especially keen on seeing it (and that rarely occurred). Sitting in the theater, I felt especially close to him and related to the dynamic which Ray and his father had. Even though Ray's never said it and at time Costner's character didn't believe it, John loved his son. He was a man of few words just like my father was. This film not only provided a connection to my dad that I still feel long after his passing but also showed me the importance of communication.

4.  The "Twist and Shout" Scene from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' 

This is not only the first scene I can remember rewinding a playing a 1,000 times over it certainly inspired bouts of silliness while in school.

3. "Hey, you guys!" from 'Goonies. 

I can remember going into Goonies a bit blind the first time I watched it and I was immediately entranced by this group of underdogs. My favorite was Data (who wouldn't love those gadgets) but a close second was Sloth.

2. The opening sequence from 'Back To The Future'

I can remember wanting to learn how to skateboard after watching Marty McFly weave his way through Hill Valley en route to school. For a kid in grade school, he was so cool. I will neither confirm nor deny that my hair may have resembled Marty's after I saw the movie.

1. Luke destroying the Death Star in 'Star Wars'

This was the first movie that I can remember getting goosebumps in and made me a 'Star Wars' fan to this day. This may have also spurred me begging my parents for literally everything that had to do with my favorite movie franchise as a child.

What would be your top 5 movie moments which shaped you?