5 Underrated Heroes We Should See in a Future Justice League Film

Soon we'll be getting Zack Snyder's Justice League, and the original director's ideas will be fully realized. Considering we won't be getting to see another Justice League film anytime soon, by the time the film is eventually re-envisioned (because everything in Hollywood is retooled on a consistent cycle), there's a good opportunity to introduce other lesser-known members to the team of heroes.

With over 150 characters being depicted as official Justice League members at one point in time, there are plenty to choose from — but here's a few that could be great assets to the team, and more importantly, interesting stories for DC's films.


Vixen is easily one of my personal favorite under-rated Justice League members – notably for her appearance in Justice League of America Vol. 2. Her abilities have somewhat shifted over the years, with a major emphasis on the totem she wears, creating a morphogenetic field.

Justice League of America #23 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Justice League of America #23 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson

Vixen can draw in (depending on the story) abilities of animals and people within proximity of her, often giving her great speed, strength, healing traits, and the occasional lack of control from an overload of her primal connection. Outside of her sheer strength, Vixen has the ability to connect with other members that have a difficult time in non-league activities, so that perfect concoction of her contributions could make her another heavy hitter with plenty of room to expand.


There are probably more than a few people who aren't the biggest fans of Geo-Force, but after the throw-away storylines for Geo-Force and his sister Terra, it would be inspiring to see DC take a new approach.

5 Underrated Heroes We Should See in a Future Justice League Film

The biggest storyline that the Markov name is known for isn't even his own, with the Titans storyline Judas Contract taking the biggest focus for the Markov family. Like his sister, Geo-Force can manipulate the earth and even weaponize lava, which has proven to help him be a key member in other groups such as The Outsiders as well — but his diplomacy has aided his roles with every variation of teams he's been a part of.

Not only is Geo-Force an unexpected hero to see find his way to Justice League, but his backstory and powers could be a great on-screen inclusion that hasn't been tampered with (yet). It's also about time we get to see Markovia make some form of appearance in the DC films, so why not through the misunderstood siblings?

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

When you ask anyone who their favorite Green Lantern is — you're unlikely going to hear someone say Kyle Rayner. The hero certainly isn't hated, and he's been a part of (or led) various comic books over the years, but for some reason, Rayner is often the unsung hero of the Green Lantern core in many ways.

Though the hardcore Rayner fans out, there are happy to know of his importance with the Life Equation storyline that made him a reality-bending being with untouchable power. The Green Lantern holder later evolves into a White Lantern who can replicate the color spectrum of all lantern corps — having since split up the power, choosing to limit himself as a much more grounded Green Lantern who chooses balance over power.

5 Underrated Heroes We Should See in a Future Justice League Film

Not only can Rayner be the underdog that is put on the backburner by DC, but he can also be a raw source of power with a powerful, positive influence over the galaxy. Sign. Him. Up. Please!

Red Arrow/Arsenal

Roy Harper also joined Vixen on the Justice League of America Vol. 2 roster, a surprisingly balanced team of unexpected heroes.

Sure, we haven't even had Green Arrow in the DC film universe yet, but considering fans just witnessed several years of CW's adaptation taking center stage, Roy could be the next great archer to earn the spotlight. Roy is the more tactical member of the team without actual powers, but his street-smarts, precision, and hand-to-hand combat skills have made him a standout member of the long-running team.

For those potential creatives who are just dying to stray from some traditional superhero film narratives, Roy also has a complexly sensitive storyline that discusses addiction; he has a child with an assassin and plenty of interpersonal conflict with other heroes to make his character cover both all fronts with ease. We already have a rich man who has taken to crimefighting; let's try something different!


Starfire is pretty much an established Titan through and through, yet she's never given a chance to really thrive. As a founding member, Starfire has built a name for herself as either a Teen Titan or the more mature Titans, being one of the more powerful characters across the roster of Titans and DC comics in general.

I Am Not Starfire

If DC is ever looking to shelve some of the heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman at any point while they transition out of different actors eras, Starfire would be a great powerhouse and a character whose look, powers, and special-effects heavy attributes could translate well on-screen. (DC Universe / HBO Max has done wonderful things with Titans, but a series only holds her character's true abilities back.)

In addition to Starfire's powers, her sometimes comedic miscommunications about humanity can bring the necessary dosage of humor and a lighter atmosphere to a film that needs those important facets.

Obviously, there isn't going to be another Justice League film for a very long time, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?

If you're ready for more DC, check out Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max.

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