Alien: Isolation At One Point Was A Third Person Game

I've talked at length about my complicated relationship with Alien: Isolation before. While it drove me nuts at points, I actually ended up falling in love with the title.

According to Destructoid who were reporting from a GDC Panel, at one point during Isolation's development, the game was set in the third person. The game's creative lead Alistair Hope said this approach was inspired by other third person horror titles citing Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Clock Tower, and Silent Hill 2 as influences.  

Eventually production reverted back to the original vision of a first person game, but footage was shown at the panel of the game in its third person perspective. It certainly would have changed what the game was. Whose to say if it would have been for the better or not. I trust Creative Assembly made the right choice.


Again, thanks to Destructoid for the footage.