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“Birds of Prey”: DC Universe Subscribers Get Early Screenings

Birds of Prey: Director Cathy Yan Talks Expectations, Reception

DC's Birds of Prey was the only major comic book film to see a theatrical release in 2020 so far. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros moved up its home release. Despite opening at a more modest $33.3 million in February, some painted the film as a box office disappointment even with strong positive […]


"Birds of Prey" Hits 4k Blu-ray May 12th, Best Buy Steelbook As Well

Birds of Prey, or Birds of Prey and the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, will release on 4k Blu-ray on May 12th. The film released in February to disappointing box office, but is now finding a new audience on VOD streaming services since released a little over a week ago. The Margot Robbie starring […]

5 New Posters and Promo Art for "Birds of Prey"

"Birds of Prey": Director Cathy Yan Talks How She Sold Warner Bros Her Vision

Cathy Yan struck gold when Warner Bros gave her a huge opportunity directing their blockbuster in DC's Birds of Brey following her success with the indie comedy Dead Pigs. Her Shanghai-set ensemble comedy became a hit at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. She spoke to Variety about how she came across Birds of Prey and […]

“Birds of Prey”: DC Universe Subscribers Get Early Screenings

"Birds of Prey": DC Universe Subscribers Get Early Screenings [VIDEO]

Warner Bros is rewarding DC Universe subscribers to early screenings to see Birds of Prey (and the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). The screenings take place February 4-5 ahead of its February 7th release across 30 locations throughout the U.S. according to The Hollywood Reporter. DC Universe subscribers receive invitations as long as they sign […]

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'Birds of Prey': Check Out a Bunch of New Images!

Birds of Prey comes out in two weeks, and some new images from the film have hit the internets. Lots of easter eggs here for comic fans, including Harley in her roller derby gear from The New 52 run. I personally am having a hard time figuring out how this film is going to go […]

New Poster for "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn"

'Birds of Prey': New Trailer Airs During The Video Game Awards

Birds of Prey just dropped some new footage at tonight's Video Game Awards. The DC Comics film gave us some really good looks at the rest of the Birds of Prey besides Harley Quinn. This includes Huntress, Black Canary, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain. I gotta be honest with you, before the other day, it […]

Amazon Channels 'Adventure Time' With Animated Original 'Danger & Eggs'

On June 30th, Amazon Prime will unleash its newest show, quirky animated comedy Danger & Eggs, to the world. All 13 episodes of Season 1 will be available in both the US and the UK simultaneously. The animated series stars Aidy Bryant and Eric Knobel, and guest stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Kate Micucci, Stephanie Beatriz, […]

10 Cloverfield Lane Is A Satisfying, Suspenseful Thriller — A Review

Let's get this out of the way at the outset – 10 Cloverfield Lane is really good, bordering on great. The final act doesn't hold up to the level of the rest, but in a unique way, it doesn't really detract from the effectiveness of the story's main arc. When Cloverfield first came out back […]

J.J. Abrams Clarifies 10 Cloverfield Lane Is Not A Sequel

Though there was plenty of excitement when the surprise second Cloverfield movie released a trailer, there was some confusion as to whether or not it was a sequel or spinoff. But executive producer J.J. Abrams told Fandago (via Slashfilm) that the answer may be more nuanced. He called the film, which stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead […]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Captured In 10 Cloverfield Lane Ad

In a new ad for 10 Cloverfield Lane, Mary Elizabeth Winstead wakes up to find herself a captive of John Goodman. He says he wants to keep her alive and that everyone outside his bunker is dead. But waking up inside the mystery box leaves her suspicious. [youtube][/youtube] 10 Cloverfield Lane opens on March 11th.

Photos: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Filming Her Part In The New Die Hard Film

In the wake of last night's news that Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be returning as Lucy McClane in A Good Day To Die Hard, here's a bit of photographic evidence to prove we're not just lying to you for our own amusement, like we usually do. It's difficult to tell from these photos how large […]

All The Mary Elizabeth Winstead News That's Fit To Print

One bit of casting news, one set of photos and one full short film. Seems that Mary Elizabeth Winstead stories are like the number 38 bus. Let's start with the casting. Another new project to have been unveiled at the EFM in Berlin sounds rather reminiscent of The Innocents, at least in Variety's version of […]

The Thing Gets Gory In A New Red Band Trailer

I don't know if there was a trailer for John Carpenter's version of The Thing that gave any of its best monster moments, but I think movie marketing tended to be more subtle then, and definitely more restrained. Sure, I saw "Spiderhead" in the pages of Fangoria but I didn't really know what I was […]

Heaps Of Thing FX From The New The Thing – UPDATED

That headline might seem to be the most boring and lazy game of Madlibs ever played, but that belies the intrigue in the images to follow. Earlier tonight, the little known site Horror Movies pointed the way to an unofficial The Thing Facebook page. Coincidentally (right?) Bloody Disgusting "stumbled onto" the same page a couple […]