Ant-Man 3 Writer Reveals the Ending He Wanted to Avoid

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania screenwriter Jeff Loveness recently discussed the one ending that he hoped to avoid for the third entry.

Ant-Man and The Wasp hasn't exactly been the poster child for strong or well-received MCU projects in recent years, especially given its challenging task of kicking off Marvel's Phase 5 slate of Multiversal chaos and Quantum Realm confusion. While the newest Ant-Man film ends on a semi-optimistic note with a nice comedic punch, there also came the brief risk of leaving Scott in the Quantum Realm which almost felt tangible in its climactic battle between Ant-Man and Kang.

When specifically talking to IGN about the idea of leaving Scott and Hope in the Quantum Realm as a conclusion, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania screenwriter Jeff Loveness recently revealed, "We talked about it. Certainly, when you're writing these things, you go through so many permutations and so many versions. I think I'm happy where we landed because I get the idea of being stranded, and it is powerful, and it's cool. But at the end of the day, we just couldn't shake the feeling when we were pitching it out and gaming it and trying to make it when you're just breaking story."

New Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Trailer Brings The Drama
(L-R): Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne/Wasp and Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in Marvel Studios' ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2023 MARVEL.

Avoiding a Common Ant-Man Cliffhanger

He then elaborates by discussing a potentially repetitious nature, telling the publication, "At the end of the day on paper, it's Scott Lang stuck in the Quantum Realm again. And it's like, 'Well, that's literally what happens at the end of the last one.' And I think people are going to be a little tired of people getting stuck in the Quantum Realm, and he's gone from Cassie again. And it just felt a little too repetitive to me. And then the only way to go with it is like, well, he gets out of the quantum realm. That's literally what happens in [Avengers: Endgame] too. So it actually felt more revolutionary to have Scott win. But that victory comes with a cost of this guy who starts so carefree and thinks his hero life is over."

Upon the first watch, it certainly felt like leaving Scott stranded was an option; however, the nice minor victory that led to the film's final moments was the superior conclusion. What are your thoughts on the Ant-Man ending that was tossed around by Marvel and Loveness?

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