Arrow Is Back And So Is The Killing

This article will contain spoilers for last night's season premier of Arrow.






The fifth season of Arrow kicked off last night and it did so violently. There was an homage to the pilot episode, when Oliver Queen is tied to a chair and is being hit he tells the guy if he hits him again he will kill him. Then, when he has taken him out, he does kill the guy saying the same words from the pilot: "No one can no my secret." That homage was very important to the theme of the episode of getting back to basics. Last season was more about magic and superheroes, while this one is about vigilantes and beating people up. It was nice to see those things return.

Arrow works best when it's Green Arrow versus someone who wants to hurt him personally and will use the city to get their way. Prometheus seems like he might be a better villain for the series than Damien Darhk was… as fun as Neal McDonough was and will be on Legends of Tomorrow… the equal powered villain is good here. Street vs street.

Bringing in Wild Dog, Artemis and Vigilante is a nice touch as well. Though I don't know if they've earned turning Curtis Holt into a vigilante. A tech hero yes, I could see him putting together the T spheres and going out when tech is appropriate, but not as a straight out vigilante. They'll have to develop that one over time.

With this being the final year of flashbacks, it's nice to finally get to Russia and see how he becomes a Bratva captain. The show will be different in season six without the duel storylines.

Two important moments that I think will pay off later in the season. First was Laurel Lance's promise. I think everyone expected it to be something like be happy, or don't do it alone. But for her to specifically ask to not be the last Canary is too specific to not end up with someone in the costume by the end of the season. I'd guess it will be the Laurel from Earth 2.

Second important moment was John Diggle saying he felt like Deja Vu. Now this could mean that its just him being back in the field as a soldier… but we've heard that he's going to be the one mainly affected by Flashpoint. Maybe he's the one that notices the difference or maybe he's the one that gets changed. There was no mentioned of Lila or the baby… could they be gone? Does he suddenly find a crashed alien ship in the desert where he is given a ring…

I enjoyed last season, but this episode reminded me of the things that drew me to the show in the first place. It's nice to have them back.


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