Ben Affleck Says His Batman Loving Son is Taking his Departure from the Role Well

After months of hearing that Ben Affleck is in and then he's out of the Batman we finally got our answer earlier last month. The Oscar winning actor decided to leave the superhero role after just two movies. It's a decision that Affleck clearly gave a lot of thought about and now that he's finally decided that he isn't coming back the speculation can begin as to who is taking on the role next. As for Affleck, there was one person in his life that could have taken him moving on badly and that is his Batman-loving son. Affleck spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of Triple Frontier and asked how his son is taking the news.

"He took the news okay. He kind of understands that there's time for everything," Affleck said. "[Samuel] is not quite old enough to understand that I was gonna direct [a Batman movie], but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I didn't love it enough."

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The complicated politics of when someone decides to leave a role in Hollywood can be a bit much for a kid to understand. So Affleck, to his credit, chose to describe him moving on in a way only a kid could understand.

"I just kinda stuck with like, you know, 'It was my turn and now it somebody else's turn.' Because he understands turn-taking," Affleck quipped.

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