Val Kilmer as Batman in Batman Forever. Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Batman Forever: Will Warner Bros Release Darker Joel Schumacher Cut?

Since WarnerMedia announced they will release the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League (2017) for release in 2021, there have been rumblings of other directors who might see their original cuts of their DC films come to light from David Ayer's original cut of Suicide Squad (2016) to now a darker cut of Joel Schumacher's […]

"The Batman" Adds Zoe Kravitiz as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman

The Batman: Zoë Kravitz Compliments Robert Pattinson's Ability to Lead

Zoë Kravitz has nothing but high praise for her The Batman co-star Robert Pattinson. The actress spoke to the Golden Globes about her impressive resume in Hollywood garnering high profile roles in blockbusters like X-Men: First Class (2011) and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). She also developed a presence for television in Showtime's Californication, HBO's […]

Peter Sarsgaard Praises Robert Pattinson's Performance in The Batman

The Batman Star Peter Sarsgaard Praises Robert Pattinson's Performance

The DC universe of movies is looking to head in a very interesting direction and one of those interesting directions could finally be a Batman movie again. The Batman has been in varying levels of development for years now and had gone through a director and a star on its way to the big screen. Just […]

Justice League: David Ayer Clears Up DCEU Robin’s Loose End

Justice League: David Ayer Clears Up DCEU Robin's Loose End

One of the biggest unresolved mysteries of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) was the death of Robin. It was revealed the monument to the Caped Crusader's sidekick was vandalized, but nothing else was revealed in the film or Justice League (2017). In Batman canon, there are five Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim […]

Robert Pattinson As The Batman.

The Batman to Continue Shooting as UK COVID-19 Restrictions Lift

Filming can continue on Matt Reeves' The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as early as July according to new guidelines published by the UK government. However, productions will still have to follow guidelines following strict social distancing, temperature checks, safety training, and testing to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Production on films and television shows ground […]

Paul Dano at the Showtime Emmy Eve Party at the San Vicente Bungalows on September 21, 2019 in West Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /

Paul Dano Feels Very Confident In The Batman Script

The Batman is set to resume production very soon. When exactly that is, nobody seems to know. That includes one of the stars of the film, Paul Dano. He is playing The Riddler in the movie and was on set with new Batman Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves when the Hollywood shutdown began. While […]

Robert Pattinson as The Batman. Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

The Batman The "Next Evolution" For The Character Says Jeffery Wright

The Batman actor Jeffery Wright recently went on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show to talk a little about the next big film in the Batman saga. The film was in production overseas when the Hollywood shutdown began and is expected to ramp up production fast when that ends. It did cause the movie to be […]

Batman: Bane Masks Sales Surge During Quarantine

Batman: Bane Masks Sales Surge During Quarantine

If you're going to invest in a mask during the quarantine, it may not be the best idea to go with one of Batman's most iconic villains in Bane. Played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Bane masks become harder to come by as plastic masks, not approved pandemic wear by medical […]

Colin Farrell Has Entered into Talks to Join "The Batman" as the Penguin

The Batman: Colin Farrell Opens Up About The Penguin

Despite productions suspending all over Hollywood, including Matt Reeves' The Batman, we're getting some idea on how the Caped Crusader's first DC Extended Universe film starts to take shape. One of the most prominent casting surprises is Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin. He spoke with GMA teasing how he's getting into the role. "I […]

Andy Serkis at the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on July 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /

Andy Serkis Talks The Batman, His Role as Alfred

Following the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy is a daunting task, but Matt Reeves is up for the challenge in The Batman. Andy Serkis, who plays Bruce Wayne's faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth, promises the latest entry will be "darker" than previous entries of the Batman franchise. The British actor and director spoke to LADbible and […]

New York, NY - July 20, 2019: Val Kilmer attends NOVUS Summit SDG Moonshots at United Nations Headquarters. Editorial credit: lev radin /

Why Batman Forever Turned Out to Be Never Again

Ever since Batman launched as a film franchise, numerous actors donned the cape and cowl. Tim Burton and Michael Keaton's two films laid the foundation for others to follow. The first post-Burton film was Batman Forever (1995) with Joel Schumacher taking over directing duties and Val Kilmer as the new Caped Crusader. Followed the film's […]

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Margot Robbie in Birds of Prey (2020). Images courtesy of Warner Bros.

Dark Knight: Anne Hathaway Thought She Auditioned for Harley Quinn

The Dark Knight trilogy remains the best live-action adaptations of Batman. When Anne Hathaway came in for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Catwoman wasn't what she had in mind. In fact, she thought she auditioned for Harley Quinn. The Academy Award-winning actress spoke to BBC Radio 1 about her embarrassing first meeting with […]

John Turturro

"The Batman": John Turturro Talks Playing a Bad Guy & His Love of Zorro

The Batman has had a tough time trying to get to the big screen. At first, it looked like it was going to have Ben Affleck both star and direct but that fell through. Then Affleck left the role entirely for the good of his own well being. Now we have director Matt Reeves behind the […]

"The Batman" Director Matt Reeves Shares 3 New Images of the Batmobile

Production for "The Batman" Delayed Due to Coronavirus

As more and more people are diagnosed daily with coronavirus the impact can be felt across the entertainment industry. Major studios like Disney and Universal have been halting production on massive tentpole blockbusters and delaying releases of movies that have six-figure budgets. Originally it looked like Warner Bros. was going to be the outlier as […]

"The Batman": Jeffrey Wright Teases a Possible "The Long Halloween" Connection

"The Batman": Jeffrey Wright Teases a Possible "The Long Halloween" Connection

The Batman is right in the middle of production but aside from a few images provided by director Matt Reeves and some vague statements from cast members we don't actually know that much about the movie. That isn't likely to change considering how secretive Warner Bros. can be about their movies but sometimes we can glean hints […]

Ben Affleck Says He "Lost His Enthusiasm" After "Justice League"

Ben Affleck Says He "Lost His Enthusiasm" After "Justice League"

To say that the production of Justice League was a bit of a mess would be a massive understatement. The circumstances behind all of the issues were a little different from other movies that have messy productions were much more tragic this time around as director Zack Snyder lost his daughter to suicide. He made the right […]

"The Batman" Director Matt Reeves Shares 3 New Images of the Batmobile

"The Batman" Director Matt Reeves Shares 3 New Images of the Batmobile

Warner Bros. is moving ahead with yet another version of Batman and this time it's coming from Matt Reeves after many years of various different types of delays. This is a movie that is going to be put under the microscope because of the way that Ben Affleck left the DC universe and everyone is wondering […]

Robert Pattinson As The Batman.

'The Batman' Adds Max and Charlie Carver to Cast

The Batman is filming right now, an as they do more and more of the cast will be announced and today we know two more who will join Robert Pattinson in Gotham. Max and Charlie Carver (Desperate Housewives, Teen Wolf) have joined the cast in unspecified roles. They are twins, so my money would be […]

"The Batman" Adds Zoe Kravitiz as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman

"The Batman": Zoë Kravitz Talks How She's Preparing for Catwoman

To say landing the part of Catwoman in the upcoming Matt Reeves' film The Batman is an experience in and of itself is an understatement for Zoë Kravitz. The star of Hulu's High Fidelity spoke to Variety on how things changed for the actor. "I was excited when I got the role. Usually when you […]

Willem Dafoe Thinks Robert Pattinson Has an Important 'Batman' Quality

"The Batman": Remaining Roles for Matt Reeves' Film Revealed

All the pieces came together on Matt Reeves' The Batman with filming underway. Warner Bros revealed what roles every principal actor plays. Let's start what was already known. "Batman" – The Latest Generation Robert Pattinson is the newest Caped Crusader as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Zoë Kravitz plays the villain and occasional antihero Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Paul Dano […]