Chris Pine Shares His Star Trek 4 Knowledge and Thoughts on Director

The cinematic existence of Star Trek has been explored for decades and, in its last incarnation, earned an impressively successful three entries between 2009-2016. The films reintroduced sic-fi-loving audiences with a new iteration of the lore that they had become greatly invested in, leaving an option open for future stories that would consistently remain a prominent conversation in Hollywood.

At one point in time, there were even discussions surrounding a Quentin Tarantino installment to the franchise, requiring an R-rating and some unconventional Star Trek stories for its mature audience. After Tarantino's proposed project fell through years later, there was eventually confirmation in July of 2021 (more than five years after Star Trek Beyond's release), where it was announced that a fourth film was officially in the works with beloved director Matt Shakman (WandaVision).

Star Trek: Chris Pine Optimistic About Film Franchise Future
Chris Pine as Capt James T. Kirk in Star Trek Beyond (2016). Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Though there hasn't been a lot of answers about proposed plot details or who is officially returning, star Chris Pine recently addressed his own awareness regarding the fourth film. In an interview with IndieWire, Pine was asked about the next chapter, to which he responded, "Well, what's going on with 'Star Trek' is frankly, I don't know." The actor then went on to elaborate, "When the announcement was made at the shareholders' thing, I didn't know that they were doing that. I don't think anybody did."

In the same interview, Pine notes that while the script does exist, he still has yet to see anything himself but explains that he has encountered the director, sharing, "I met Matt Shakman, the director. He's a super-cool guy, very smart; I like him a great deal."

Just between the three recent Star Trek films with Pine as our protagonist, there's been over a billion dollars earned in its box office history. So there's obviously no reason for Paramount Pictures to completely abandon this world that feels so effortless and thrilling to both longtime fans and next-gen viewers.

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