CinemaCon: MGM/UA Brings New No Time to Die Clip & Title Announcements

The State of the Industry, MGM, and UA presentation at CinemaCon got off to a kind of a rough start. The lights went dark, and the music cut out…and nothing happened. And then nothing continued to happen because pitch blackness and silence are exactly the right metaphor for the theater industry these days. They eventually got things working, and we got our State of the Industry talk. The theater industry is not going down without a fight, and despite everything that has happened in the last year, they really are optimistic for the future. While you wouldn't expect anyone to say the benefit of streaming in front of theater owners, it does look like the hybrid release won't be the new normal. At least, not for all releases. We're going to have to see what kind of tone Warner Bros. and Universal take during their presentation. Disney peaced out entirely, so we won't hear what they have to say at all.

CinemaCon: MGM/UA Bring New No Time to Die Clip & Title Announcements
CinemaCon 2021. Credit: Denz

Eventually, we moved onto the MGM and UA part of the presentation. They started off by giving brief introductions for The Addams Family 2, House of Gucci, and Cyrano. The footage for the first two was all stuff that we've seen before, but the footage from Cyrano was a first-look. We have two major musicals opening in December, so it's going to be interesting to see who wins. It does look like it could be good; Joe Wright does know his way around a period piece. The only concerning thing was that they didn't appear to show a single frame of star Peter Dinklage actually singing. I'm unfamiliar with this source material, so we'll have to see.

Next, MGM moved onto the 2022 slate, which has a lot of stuff. We are getting Dog starring and co-directed by Channing Tatum, and it looks like it might absolutely destroy some people. The movie that got the biggest reaction from the crowd was Samaritan. A new Sylvester Stallone starring movie with an aging superhero coming out of the woodwork. There was a brutal fight scene at the end involving a large hammer that looks like a lot of fun. Finally, the black comedy that debuted at Sundance is called On The Count of Three. It's about two friends entering into a suicide pact and what they are going to do with their last day.

From there, we got a huge title dump from so many filmmakers and a great quip from MGM that said, "We'll tell you about Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie once he tells us what it's about," which, well done. There was something from Geroge Miller call Three Thousand Years of LongingDavid Slade is bringing us Dark HarvestGeorge Clooney is directing again with Saint John, and a bunch of others I probably missed.

No Time to Die Latest Bond Trailer Reveals Key Characters, More Plot
Daniel Craig as Agent 007 James Bond in No Time to Die (2020). Image courtesy of MGM

Finally, MGM and UA closed out the presentation by showing us a ~10-minute clip from No Time To Die. They swore up and down that it is coming out in October and also said that it is indeed Daniel Craig's last movie. The clip was part of the car scene that we have seen in the trailers, and judging from the few story points we got, it looks like it was near the beginning of the movie. It opened with Bond waking up from what looked like a car crash on the ground. He tries to make a call, but he can't hear, and neither can we. A car tries to run him over, and he goes off the bridge with the rope. He fights a henchman who mentions Madeleine. Bond manages to get back to her and forcefully asks her if she is a traitor. She insists that she isn't, and Bond wants to know how they knew he was here. She has no answers.

They get into the car from the trailers and begin to make their way through the city. Madeleine gets a phone call that quite literally has the Spectre logo showing up as the caller ID. The voice on the other end says that she is just like her father, and her sacrifice will be appreciated. The car is eventually surrounded, and they begin to fire on it. Bond remains unbothered as Madeleine begs him to do something. He eventually relents and uses the guns in the headlights. The clip ends about there, and we've got to say, MGM probably made the right call holding this one back for the big screen.

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