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Drive-Ins Are Making a Comeback, 5 Double Features To Rewatch There Now

Drive-ins are making a comeback! Because of theater closures right now, and the increased social distancing going on, people are going back to the old drive-ins more and more. Think about it- everyone is in their own cars, more than six feet away, and many let you bring your own food! What's better than a movie at sunset? I personally have three around where I live, and I try to go when I can. There are some films from the past few years I didn't see at the drive-in that would be cool to see there, so let's pick a few they should host! These will be double features, like all good drive-ins should do.

Avengers: Infinity War/Avengers: Endgame

A lot of you may have seen this combo at a drive-in already, as quite a few of them showed both films when Endgame released last April. I didn't though, and how could you not want to revisit these all the time, especially on a big screen while outside? Side note- how crazy is it that Endgame is about a year old??? Who knows when Black Widow will release now, so this is a good way to get our spring MCU fix we are used to.

Halloween 1978/Halloween 2018

Drive-ins were made for horror films, and what better way to celebrate that than with the most iconic slasher film of them all? Now that the cannon skips all the sequels, you can show the original film the way a lot of people saw it back in 1978 and follow it up with the latest installment, which after dark would feel spooky to watch out in the open like this.

Onward/Mary Poppins Returns

Many drive-ins may still be playing Onward right now, and yes I know it is coming to Disney+ in a week. But it deserves a bigger audience, and to be seen on a bigger screen than most home televisions. I chose Mary Poppins to show alongside it because I thought it was underrated and just a feel-good romp that we could all use right now. Try not to well-up during the closing number and feel like everything is going to be ok, I dare you.

Mad Max Fury Road/Deadpool

Hear me out here. Both are great action films. The seriousness of Mad Max would pair nicely with a chaser of Ryan Reynolds telling dick jokes. Both are great watches, and I am betting the audiences would welcome some cinematic mayhem in their lives right now while they eat takeout in their car. Such frenetic, fun films.

Logan (Black and White)/John Wick

Two outlaws doing what they do best: killing bad guys and being badass while doing it. They are the best there is at what they do, and that first John Wick film pairs perfectly with Hugh Jackson's final turn as the Wolverine. Bonus points for showing the ultra cool Noir cut of Logan, which hasn't been seen on a big screen many times before that I know of.

What double features would you get out to the drive-in to see? Let us know below.



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