David Raboy on The Giant and Why Small Towns are Where the Horror Lies

This week Jason chats with David Raboy,  writer and director of The Giant, available from Vertical Entertainment on Demand on Friday, November 13, 2020.  Viewers of the trailer will see this is a moody, small-town horror whose setting and style feel very fresh. The producers describe the movie thus:

The Giant: On her graduation night, Charlotte learns her first love has returned to her small Georgia town for the first time since vanishing the year before, in the midst of an awful trauma in her life.

But on that night, a girl her age is found dead – and then another.

Something terrible has arisen in this place, and as her final summer speeds towards a nightmarish conclusion, Charlotte gets the unshakeable feeling that somehow it is coming for her – in ways more troubling than she could ever know.

The Giant opens Friday November 13 on Demand.
The Giant poster and Castle Talk logo used by permission.

The Giant is Raboy's directorial debut. In the conversation, Raboy says he wrote the script thinking of the small town he grew up in. Places like the community of Madison, Georgia, are perfect for story-telling, he says, because it's a perfect microcosm. Everyone knows one another, and trauma can reverberate through the whole community. We talked about the young cast and the energy they brought. We also touched on the challenges of releasing a film during a pandemic– which curiously can afford more new opportunities for storytellers.

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