David Yates Is Set To Direct All Of The Fantastic Beasts Films

eddie-redmayne-in-fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them1While he didn't come on until near the end of the Harry Potter film run, David Yates has been with the series for quite some time. It looks like he will be with it for quite some time still too.

THR are reporting that even though the Fantastic Beasts series has expanded from three to five movies, director David Yates is still commited to all of them. He said:

I love making films, and I've got a great team, all of whom are like family. I only look at it movie to movie.

Yates is a very decent filmmaker, and it is quite something to see him commit around the next 10 years or so of his life to one series, he has already spent a long, long time with. He will almost certainly be the master of the universe by the end of this process.