Death Note Sequel Screenwriter Talks Source Material Inspirations

If you look at the bumpy path for anime adaptations, you'll notice there's been a lot more criticism than praise. With titles like the 2009 live-action Dragonball Evolution, or the more recent Ghost in the Shell, fans haven't been too pleased by the live-action direction that (sometimes) lacks awareness for anime source material.

Upcoming titles like Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, and Attack on Titan are some of the next properties to be getting live-action adaptations, but Death Note is one of the first debated titles to actually get a sequel. The upcoming sequel to the 2017 anime-inspired film is penned by Greg Russo, writer of the new Mortal Kombat adaptation, and aside from that, there isn't generally a lot of information to go on with where the film's sequel could take viewers.

"Death Note 2" Writer Provides an Update on the Upcoming Sequel

In a new interview with Russo over at We Got This Covered, the writer was asked about the status of the upcoming project, and he confirmed that the film is still in the works. Russo explains, "It's funny because it sounds like a shift in the genre, but really, it comes down to the same things. It's about adapting IP. It's about bringing over an amazing piece of fan property and trying to do it right. And Death Note, I'm a huge fan of the manga, I'm a huge fan of the original source material, and I think it's one of the greatest mangas ever written. And so for me, I didn't play any role in Death Note, the first film that Netflix did, but I came in with kind of a point of view with what I wanted to do in a sequel. And part of that is I wanted to go back to the source material."

Russo concludes his thoughts by teasing, "I wanted to go back to what made the original stuff so great, and so we're doing something really neat with it. Hopefully, there will be more info on it soon, but it's going to be… it's not going to be exactly what you're expecting. And I mean that in a very enticing way."

Considering that he mentioned we'll be hearing more "soon," we should be getting a little more clarity on the future of the Netflix Death Note films. Are you excited for a sequel?

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