Destiny: The Taken King Details Have Leaked Outlining September Launch


I've been playing a disgusting amount of Destiny recently. I thought I was out of the game's ludicrous feedback loops, but alas, it always finds a way to drag me back in.

That is why I am excited about the new content which is going to be announced at E3, which we now know is called The Taken King. Kotaku seem to have gotten their hands on a boat load of details prior to the expansions reveal too. They report that this will be much bigger than the previous two expansions, costing $40 for a September 15th release.

The game will also add a third subclass for each of the three main classes too. Each will gain a new super abillity that was outlined as Hunter getting gravity bow super (void), Warlock, electrical storm super (arc) and Titan, a flaming hammer (solar).

On top of that, the expansion will have a new raid too where Guardians will take on Oryx, the father of previous Raid boss, Crota. He will lead an army of new enemies called the Taken.

I'm excited to see what this all means in the long run, but this sounds rejuvenating for Destiny, and I found House of Wolves pretty Rejuvenating itself.