Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer Reveals Artistic Changes

Dragon Ball Super has been on pause for a notable period of time. Still, the franchise is set to return very soon with the upcoming film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – and now we've been granted our first official look at the cinematic event!

Dragon Ball Super: Supehero Film Announced
Toei Animation – San Diego Comic-Con@Home

When Dragon Ball Super picked up where the long-running anime Dragon Ball Z left off, it felt almost instantly immersive. We went two decades without a lengthy continuation, but Dragon Ball Super (with little pause) delivered 131 episodes and a reintroduction film for fan-favorite Broly. There were a few slip-ups with animation or apparent issues building up their plot, but overall – Dragon Ball Super felt like a doorway to this world once more, and there was still potential to amp up the tension. Now, we're getting the chance to see the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero bring back our beloved Dragon Ball characters and potentially hint at the next possible direction for the story.

During New York Comic Con, Toei Animation unveiled the first official trailer for the upcoming film, and there were quite a few things we picked up on. Firstly, the transition with animation is probably the most discussed attribute from the trailer. Fans noticed the pivot to CGI animation, making this feel more like the cut-scenes of the Dragon Ball video game and a drastic change from the manga-like animation quality that impressed viewers, to begin with. Aside from that, the trailer also showcased some slight aging for their characters and took place ten years after the defeat of Majin Buu, which might be a needed boost to remind us that this world isn't stuck in time.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to debut in Japan sometime in 2022 – without a current release date that we're aware of.

What are your thoughts on the new Dragon Ball Super animation changes for the next film?

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