Encanto: Colombian Superstar Maluma Joins the Voice Cast

We're a little over a month away from the release of the next Disney animated feature Encanto. The thing about animated movies is that something might have been recorded years ago, and we're only just hearing about casting additions now. This is one of those cases. This morning, Disney sent out a press release that Latin superstar Maluma has joined the cast of Encanto.

Walt Disney Animation Studios welcomes global Latin superstar Maluma to the "Encanto" voice cast. Maluma lends his voice to town heartthrob, Mariano, the soon-to-be fiancé of Mirabel's perfect and poised sister Isabela. "'Encanto' is such a magical movie," said Maluma. "I'm from Colombia and the story is about a Colombian family. I'm proud to be part of this beautiful story. It means so much to me as I'm very passionate about sharing my country's cultural values and story globally."

Encanto: Colombian Superstar Maluma Joins the Voice Cast
MEET MARIANO – In Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Encanto," Mariano is the town heartthrob and the soon-to-be fiancé of Mirabel's perfect and poised sister Isabela. Lending his voice to Mariano is the 2018 Latin GRAMMY® winner, Maluma, one of the most popular singers in Latin America with three albums that have debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Latin Albums list and 14 No. 1 hits on Billboard's Latin Airplay list. Opening in the U.S. November 24th, 2021, Walt Disney Animation Studios' 60th feature film is directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, co-directed by Charise Castro Smith, and produced by Yvett Merino, p.g.a. and Clark Spencer, p.g.a. Castro Smith and Bush are screenwriters on the film. © 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Everything Encanto that we've seen so far looks really promising. Last month, Disney let me see some exclusive footage from the movie, including some of the songs. One of those songs has been low-key stuck in my head for weeks, which should say something about the music we will see in this movie. You can usually count on Disney animated films to be at least decent, but this fall season is packed with a lot of big movies getting released. Will this one manage to make an impact at the box office? Well, it's Disney, so probably, but whether or not it'll have legs at the box office is the real question.

Walt Disney Animation Studios' upcoming feature film "Encanto" tells the tale of the Madrigals, an extraordinary family who live in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. Each child has been blessed with a magic gift unique to them—each child except Mirabel. But when the family's home is threatened, Mirabel may be their only hope.

Encanto is directed by Jared Bush, Byron Howard and co-directed by Charise Castro Smith. The voice cast includes Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel; María Cecilia Botero as Mirabel's grandmother Alma aka Abuela; John Leguizamo as Bruno; Angie Cepeda and Wilmer Valderrama as Mirabel's parents, Julieta and Agustín; and Diane Guererro and Jessica Darrow as Mirabel's sisters, Isabela and Luisa. Also lending their voices are Carolina Gaitán and Mauro Castillo as Mirabel's' aunt and uncle, Pepa and Félix; and Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz and Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Mirabel's' cousins Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio, respectively. It will be released in theaters on November 24th.

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