Rob Liefeld and the Fanboy Rampagulous Evisceration of One Harley Quinn's Wardrobe

Superstar artist and burgeoning fashion critic Rob Liefeld is never one to shy away from sharing his opinion on social media and then feuding with half the internet, so it should be no surprise that when Liefeld had an issue with Harley Quinn's costume in Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, he was quick to post it on Twitter and elicit a backlash. Liefeld started off by marveling over the success of Sonic the Hedgehog in comparison to the recently-released DC Comics movie:

And Liefeld wasn't buying that the movie's R-Rating had anything to do with it:

But soon, Liefeld pinpointed his reasoning for Birds of Prey's failure: Harley Quinn's costume. Liefeld started by praising Margot Robbie's look in Suicide Squad as inspired by Blondie singer Deborah Harry, tweeting a photo comparison that you'll have to click through to see due to image rights issues:

But the yellow jumpsuit that Quinn wears in the new Birds of Prey, according to Liefeld, is too similar to the costume of Ronald McDonald, the clown mascot of fast food franchise McDonalds (again, click through for the images).

This comparison earned a rebuke from Twitter users comparing Liefeld's stance on Harley Quinn and his own personal past design choices:

Or referring to comics-accuracy:

Or making a quite compelling argument that similarities with Ronald McDonald aren't necessarily a bad thing:

Or noting:

Liefeld, however, was unphased:

And he continued:

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