Gal Gadot Celebrates 4 Years as Wonder Woman in the DCEU

Happy anniversary, Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot is celebrating four years of being Wonder Woman today, Bleeding Cool is happy to report as part of an ongoing series of transparent clickbait articles based off tweets. Gadot retweeted the DC Comics announcement of her casting from 2013 and remarked, "Wow 4 years ago?! And forever grateful to be able to play this character!"

Gadot was actually off by a day, as the announcement is dated December 4th, but in the grand scheme of DCEU screw-ups, we can definitely let that pass. In the four years since, Gadot has done well in the role. While Batman v. Superman underperformed and Justice League may not make a profit, Wonder Woman was a critically acclaimed smash hit, the jewel in the rough of the DCEU and probably the blueprint for where the cinematic universe will go in the future.

Gadot will reprise her role in a sequel, Wonder Woman 2, also directed by Patty Jenkins and set for a November 2019 release date. That day can't come soon enough — both for superhero movie fans and for Warner Bros., who need another win badly.

Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros.

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