Ghosted Episode 1 Review: Can Two Great Leads Save A Boring Show?

Ghosted was way up high on my list of new shows to try this fall. Both of the lead actors, Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, are phenomenal comedic performers. I was very happy that they were getting their own show to showcase their talents after being part of very successful ensembles both on TV and in film.

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Scott and Robinson are respectively a believer in and a skeptic of the paranormal. They are thrust together when they're recruited by the Bureau Underground, a strange government organization, to track down a missing agent.

It is a very loose, unbelievable premise. Max (Scott) is a professor and has written books about the multiverse, and Leroy (Robinson) was "one of the best missing persons officers at the LAPD." Why that makes them qualified over all the other people working there, I don't know, but it is a question we're apparently not supposed to be asking.

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Unfortunately, the show itself is not all that great. The premise is unbelievable (and I don't mean the paranormal stuff), the effects are passable, and any character that is not Adam Scott or Craig Robinson is completely forgettable. They are not given anything to do, barely any dialogue that is not exposition, and for the life of me I couldn't even remember any of their names the scene after they were introduced. The sub-plot involving Max's wife and alien abduction does not even get a couple episodes to breathe a little; it is the first episode's cliffhanger.

So why am I recommending you watch it?

Scott and Robinson are just too funny to ignore. Every time they are on screen together, their charm and charisma is turned to 11 and they have you in stitches. The main comedy set piece is the two trying to interact with a severed head, trying to keep it quiet as they hide from the rest of the body (which just happens to be looking for it). Their attempts had me cackling, and made a silly-looking scene completely work. Their one-liners land, and the moments of levity work.

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Here's hoping that they give minor characters something to do. There is potential here, but I fear the show will only go as far as its stars will take it.

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