Glenn Close In A Zombie Movie? New Trailer For 'The Girl With All The Gifts' Drops

the girl with all the gifts

The zombie genre has become so prevelant in popular culture that it has come full circle from horror movie, to social commentary, to cliche, to satire, and now back to horror movie with commentary. A new zombie movie currently making the rounds on the festival circuit is called The Girl With All The Gifts. It's director is Colm McCarthy who is mostly known for his work on British television including Peaky Blinder, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. They have also managed in the impressive task of getting the great Glenn Close in a zombie flick along with the fantastically underrated Gemma Arterton. Entertainment Weekly released a new trailer and summarized the movie as such;

In the near future-set horror film The Girl with All the Gifts, mankind has been virtually wiped by a disease which eradicates free will and transforms its victims into flesh-eating "hungries." The only people immune to its effects? A group of children who, despite being infected, retain normal thoughts and emotions, and are subjected to cruel experiments by Glenn Close's Dr. Caldwell at an army base in rural England. When the base falls, a child called Melanie (Sennia Nanua) escapes with her teacher Miss Justine (Gemma Arterton), a soldier played by Paddy Considine, and Caldwell.

The Girl With All The Gifts is currently making the rounds at various film festivals with no wide release date yet. We will add a youtube version of the trailer once it goes up.

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