Going Mad as Hatter Covering Batman News

by Chuck Brouillette

mad_hatterThis reporter hit Manhattan this afternoon to cover the 1st day of NYCC 2016 on a balmy Thursday in October and immediately went from interviewing the producers and star of Warner Bros Animation's Batman: The Return of The Caped Crusaders, the feature film return of 3 of the 1960's most famous Bat-celebrities, to the producers of Batman And Bill, a new documentary about probably the biggest and most heroic battle in Bat History, the fight to give comic creator, Bill Finger, his long overdue credit for his involvement in the creation of Batman, as well as an entire wing of The Batman Family of characters. If you can imagine these two events were timed nearly concurrently and my head 1st spun when I found myself leaping from my table in one press room immediately after TV's first Batman, himself, Adam West, departed, to dash to another press room in time to plop myself at a table hosted by Athena Finger, granddaughter of Bill Finger, and family champion behind getting the Bat-record right. Whew! And the final spin of the top? Joining the audience of the world debut of the previously mentioned Batman Animated Film. Biff! Boff! & Topple! Only at the point that I reflect on the date, 10/6, and recollected the image of that 10/6 pence tag tucked in the Mad Hatter of fiction's brim, did I have the chance to laugh to keep from going batty! Reporting on each of these 3 Bat-events will be forthcoming but I felt this 'shot from the bow' from a reporter 'in the trenches' (mixed metaphors be dammed!) would be appreciated by fans of comic cons and the people who cover them everywhere.

Chuck Brouillette is an Artist and writer living in Saratoga Springs, NY. You can see how he does both @twitter.com/chuckbrouilette

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