Gotham Season 4 Will Get Frightful With The Debut Of The Scarecrow

A lot of the focus on the upcoming season of Gotham has been all the changes. Bruce Wayne gets a costume, and Jim Gordon starts dating Carmine Falcone's daughter. The Penguin is back in control of the city, and the Riddler is a popsicle. Barbara Kean is presumed dead, Butch Gilzean is brain dead — but we know he's really Cyrus Gold and will become Solomon Grundy, Selina Kyle is trying with Tabitha Galavan… yeah, there's a lot going on. But by episode two of Gotham Season 4, the focus is going to be on the debut of the Scarecrow.


This is a return that has been long in the making. In episodes 14 and 15 of the first season, we got to meet Gerald Crane (Julian Sands) and his fear toxin that he was using to test on unwilling victims. We also met Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan), Gerald's son, who gets pretty messed up in the whole thing and ends up in a hospital with some issues. We got a flash of the Scarecrow mask when we last saw him. Now he's coming back and according to, the second episode of the season is heavily focused on the Scarecrow and his effect on the city.

Actor Ben McKenzie said of the new villain:

"People have to face their own worst fears and end up sort of embodying them and living through their own nightmares. It's a little nightmarish. It has a fright movie feel to it. It's fun."

Might have to ask McKenzie what his definition of the word 'fun' is.

Gotham Season 4 debuts September 21st on Fox.

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