Gotham Fall Finale Lets Alfred Kick Some Butt

Last night on Gotham we got introduced to Harvey Dent (Nicholas D'Agosto) as well as the man he is certain was involved with the Waynes' Murder, Dick Lovecraft (Al Spapienza). Dent convinces Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) to let him tell Lovecraft about the eye-witness to the murder to make him nervous. As you can see below Lovecraft is nervous enough to send assassins.

This episode is why you hire Sean Pertwee to play Alfred Pennyworth.

Now I've seen on-line some folks trying to figure out why use the name Lovecraft for the character (and the fall finale). Some folks think he ties to a minor DC Comics villain named Dr. Lovecraft while others think he's an homage to author H.P. Lovecraft. I'm inclined to go with the latter as there is a tie between Lovecraft and Batman… and it's former editor Julie Schwartz. Before going to work for DC, Schwartz and Mort Weisinger started a literary agency called Solar Sales Services where he represented authors like Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury and H. P. Lovecraft. Schwartz was responsible for getting a lot of Lovecraft's work out to the public. Years later when Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams were on Batman, Schwartz directed O'Neil to create a major new villain and gave him a name to go with… Ra's al Ghul. Both the name and the character seems like something straight out of a Lovecraft novel.


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