Great Balls Of Fire: Alexa Bliss Uses Cheap Tricks Against Sasha Banks To Keep Title

On last night's Great Balls of Fire PPV, Sasha Banks took on the current Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss. Banks won the opportunity to fight Bliss from last week's Raw after the almost impossible gauntlet match, which Nia Jax was dominating until Banks stepped into the ring.

The two are pretty much equal in the ring. Banks is slightly quicker, though, and took the upper hand early in the match. Bliss doesn't take anything sitting down, but her work was cut out for her. Bliss used some cheap tricks (pretending her arm was broken, for example) to get back on top, but it was short-lived.

Bliss attempted to leave the match because "I don't need this," but you know, Banks dragged her back in. The women's matches are always more fun to watch, since they seem to be a little more dynamic with their moves, as proved by both Bliss and Banks.

The match was grueling, and Banks appeared to have injured her back. But it didn't slow her down, and this caused a hilarious temper tantrum from Bliss. Banks eventually got her into a Bank Statement, but Bliss got to the ropes before she tapped out. Bliss ultimately retained her title by an intentional count out, which is a cheap way to win. Banks was furious, and the women continued to fight after the match was over. This is one helluva rivalry. Hopefully Banks will get a fair fight sooner than later; she deserves it.

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