If We Do Get A Dredd Sequel, This May Be The Source Material

JudgeDreddA lot of fans (including myself) are still holding hope for a sequel to 2012's Dredd starring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. Though the movie didn't do too well at the box office, the buzz of a sequel has never really calmed down and Urban himself is often urging fans to stay vocal about the desire for another film.

While at the Chicago Comic Con, Jake Kelly of Shallow Graves approached Urban and asked: "Is there a possibility of maybe getting to see the dark judges in Dredd 2 or beyond?" To which the actor replied: "Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo."

Now assuming that origins is actually Origins, then we might have something here.

For those not familiar with it, Origins is the longest running Judge Dredd story from the pages of 2000 A.D. It ran 23 episodes and was published in 2006-2007, the 30th anniversary of the character and the story was done by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra who created Judge Dredd in 1977.

In Origins, a box is delivered to Chief Judge Hershey with a sample of living tissue and a ransom note. The tissue belongs to Judge Fargo, the first chief judge and the founder of the Judge System. Fargo is the man that Dredd was cloned from. Dredd ends up leading a small group into the Cursed Earth to retrieve the body and tells the story through flashbacks of how the Judges of Mega-City One rose to power.

There had been reports that Lionsgate and screenwriter Alex Garland had been talking about a sequel earlier this year. Assuming Urban isn't just pulling things out of his hat, then it sounds like at least a plan for a sequel is in place if it ever gets a green light.


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