House Of Darkness Makes Dracula's 3 Wives Scarier Than You Remember

On this episode of Castle Talk, Jason chats with Neil LaBute, writer and director of House of Darkness, which releases in theaters on September 9, 2022, and on Demand and Digital on September 13, 2022. LaBute is the prolific director behind In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty, The Wicker Man, and much more. 

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Written and directed by Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty, The Wicker Man, Lakeview Terrace), the film stars Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers, Accepted), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns, Blue Crush), Gia Crovatin  (I Feel Pretty) and Lucy Walters  (Tesla, "Get Shorty").

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth star in this seductive thriller from director Neil LaBute (The Wicker Man). Driving home to her secluded estate after meeting at a local bar, a player out to score thinks his beautiful, mysterious date will be another casual hook-up. While getting acquainted, their flirtation turns playful, sexy and sinister. Hoping to get lucky, his luck may have just run out.

LaBute discusses the curious challenge any director faces when he sets out to make what this film is– in its own way, a new adaptation of Dracula. This time it's a Dracula that focuses chiefly on the Brides, and the palette it plays with is familiar territory for LaBute: conversational swordplay between men and women. To be fair, though, Justin Long's semi-douchebag character is plainly outmatched by Kate Bosworth and her sisters from the first scene. Check out this conversation.

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