'Demonic': James Wan's Long-Awaited Horror Flick To Air On Spike TV


News coming out of Bloody DisgustingJames Wan's long-idling horror flick, Demonic to finally be released in the U.S…on Spike TV.

This flick has been sitting on the shelf for quite some time, having finished production before the summer of 2013. While beloved director Wan is the producer on this film, it does have Captain America and The Purge: Anarchy's Frank Grillo and Prisoners and A History of Violence's Maria Bello both star in this film. The director is Will Canon, who co-wrote it with Max La Bella and Doug Simon.

A weird detail is that Dimension Films has pushed this film through to a short theatrical release and a DVD release in places like the UK, Germany, Japan, and Brazil in 2015, but not the United States until now. Even then, an edited and commercial-filled premiere on Spike TV is an odd place to air an U.S-made film in its country of origin. Then again, Dimension keeps pushing back Amityville: The Awakening, so maybe they're just scared of their own horror films (or how they'll do at the box office). When Demonic landed in the hands of film critics, it hasn't had the warmest reception.

'Demonic': James Wan's Long-Awaited Horror Flick To Air On Spike TV

The premise of the film, for those who haven't heard of this obscure and unreleased horror film, follows a police detective (Grillo) being called to a house to investigate the death of three people. There is a survivor who claims that they died after an attempted seance to summon the spirits of those who died in the house, and two of his friends are still missing — one of which is his pregnant girlfriend. The detective seeks the aid of a criminal psychologist, played by Maria Bello, and the two parcel through tapes to discover what really happened. So it's another g-g-g-ghost film shot as a found footage/traditional film hybrid.

Found footage is a style that has caught a lot of flack in recent years after some underwhelming releases using it. Like any other style, there are those who are adept and those who aren't. The original Blair Witch Project still holds up, Cloverfield, despite its flaws, is at least an atmospheric and daring film, and the original Rec is a damn masterpiece.

Demonic will air on Thursday, July 27th at 8 p.m. EST. It will hit DVD, Blu-ray, etc. on October 10th, and it is expected to get a Netflix release not long afterwards. Watch the UK trailer for the film below.


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