Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on 'Final Girl' Importance After Halloween

The notion of a resilient, spirited, final girl overcoming the chaos of a genre film is one of the coolest things to come from horror cinema – often spotlighting survivors of trauma and the importance of inner strength. For decades and decades, we've seen women absolutely dominate the genre and keep horror afloat, with some essential powerhouses paving the way, including Halloween's non-murderous breakout character, Laurie Strode.

At this point, Jamie Lee Curtis has been playing the humble Halloween character on and off for over 40 years (the most extensive of any other leading character in a horror franchise) and recently wrapped her beloved character's story for the final time. Though Curtis has always voiced her support for the genre and its potential importance to audiences, the respected actor finally feels like she can see things a little clearer on the heels of her Halloween Ends experience.

Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on 'Final Girl' Importance After Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green.

In a new interview with Salon covering various aspects of the star's life, Curtis explains, "I've just finished [Halloween Ends], you know? I just three weeks ago finished shooting the last shot of Laurie Strode. It was deeply emotional and cathartic." When the interviewer suggests that Strode gets to display a change from 'final girl' to 'final woman,' the iconic Halloween actor shares, "Everything you just said is what happens, I mean, when you call her a final girl — I never really understood how important that name was until I made this last movie. And now I really understand it. And I think you'll be very happy."

After previously stating that the upcoming final film could cause a divisive reaction with Halloween fans, perhaps there's a little more hope to be had for Laurie's fate when the bloodbath concludes. With Halloween Ends finally being released this year and concluding an influential time in horror, do you hope that Laurie can finally defeat Michael once and for all?

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