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David Gordon Green's Halloween Trilogy Getting Bundle Blu-ray Release
Halloween, Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends are being bundled together on 4K Blu-ray The trilogy release will come out on December 27th, the same day the final film releases on disc as well Of course, all three will be in 4K, and one also has to assume that these will just be re-releases of the[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Digital Services Nov. 15th, 4K December 27th
Halloween Ends, the controversial final entry in the David Gordon Green trilogy, is coming to all digital services on November 15th before getting a 4K Blu-ray release on December 27th This release will include deleted and extended scenes, a slew of featurettes, and a commentary track with Green and actors Andi Matichak and Rohan Campbell[...]
Halloween Ends: Leave Corey Cunningham Alone Everyone
Halloween Ends is a film that I, like most horror fans, have been looking forward to for almost three years since being announced in July 2019 Slowly, starting with last year's Halloween Kills release and each interview and trailer since that excitement eroded As a firm believer that in this continuity, Laurie Strode doesn't actually[...]
Halloween Ends: Follow Jamie's Journey Before It Ends Next Week
Halloween Ends did, in fact, bring the David Gordon Green trilogy to an end as promised… However, it wasn't exactly the ending that most of us (or generally any of us) wanted to witness for a franchise as influential as the Halloween franchise And let's face it, the eclectic Halloween universe has already had a[...]
Black Adam Review: What All Superhero Movies Have Done For 10 Years
Smile grossed $8.3 million, a little better than last week's champ, Halloween Ends The latest Michael Myers outing dropped an astounding -80%, as general dislike for the film killed repeat business, and the fact that it is on Peacock crushed its earnings Smile is now at an amazing $84 million The top five was rounded[...]
Halloween Ends: Follow Jamie's Journey Before It Ends Next Week
Halloween Ends is finally out in the world (specifically in theaters and on Peacock) Regardless of fans' polarizing responses, it has certainly become quite a topic of discussion one way or another! Without delving into too much spoiler territory, Halloween Ends director David Gordon Green really attempted to bring a true sense of finality to this[...]
Halloween Ends Alright, A Confusing And Frustrating One {Review}
Halloween Ends debuted at number one at the box office, though a little lower than anticipated, as horror has wholly taken over the box office Out of the top ten, four are horror films, three of which spent time in the top spot Halloween Ends is the latest, as it opened to $41 million, below[...]
Halloween Ends: Michele Dawson on Nurse Deb Audition, Curtis & More
The actress spoke to Bleeding Cool about her biggest opportunity in Universal's Halloween Ends, playing Nurse Deb, her audition, working with director David Gordon Green, franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis, what she loves about the horror genre, and the type of roles she wants. Michele Dawson in Halloween Ends (2022) Image courtesy of Universal Bleeding Cool: When[...]
Halloween Ends Alright, A Confusing And Frustrating One {Review}
Halloween Ends brings this current trilogy, and maybe the franchise, to a conclusion that will more than likely not satisfy anyone This is a franchise film that has waited until the thirteenth film to take the biggest risks they have ever attempted and fail on almost every level That being said, the chances they do[...]
Halloween Ends: Follow Jamie's Journey Before It Ends Next Week
Halloween Ends next week, and the anticipation and nervousness is building A lot of rumors and speculation about what is being billed as the final confrontation between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers are being bandied about, and today we have a new featurette looking at Jamie's journey with the franchise, as well[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Peacock Same Day As In Theaters
Halloween Ends releases in theaters and on Peacock on October 14th, and to help celebrate, NBC will air a special, Halloween in Hollywood, tomorrow night, October 1st, at 8 pm EST It will also be streamable on Peacock on October 2nd The special will take a look at the franchise and its impact on pop[...]
Halloween Ends Releases Final Trailer Two Weeks Out From Release
Halloween Ends just received a final trailer, as we are only two weeks out from the final confrontation between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode This final trailer makes this look like some kind of action movie, right down to the score Which is exactly what you want from a series that is supposed to be[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Peacock Same Day As In Theaters
Halloween Ends is a little over three weeks away, and the behind-the-scenes featurettes are coming fast and furious now One was just released, featuring the scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, talking yet again about how this film represents a "final reckoning" for Laurie and Michael We get a few new shots in this one[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Peacock Same Day As In Theaters
Halloween Ends opens in theaters and on Peacock on October 14th, and the press for the film is really ramping up Today, our friends at Bloody Disgusting made a new video with Laurie Strode herself available to watch, and in it, she teases a lot of things Moving on from Michael, a new threat to[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Peacock Same Day As In Theaters
Halloween Ends is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest genre releases of the year — with the finale of a 40+ year franchise coming to a head this October While the next installment of the beloved slasher film series is finally going to leap forward by a few years, new comments from director[...]
Halloween Ends Soundtrack Exclusive Up For Preorder From Waxwork
Halloween Ends releases in theaters on October 14th, same day as release on Peacock, and it may just be the last time we hear John Carpenter produce a score for a Michael Myers film Today, preorders began for the score for the film on vinyl, including this exclusive "Sewer Hideout" colored disc from Waxwork Records[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Peacock Same Day As In Theaters
Halloween Ends is releasing in a little over a month in theaters and on Peacock the same day, and it turns out director David Gordon Green is having a little bit of a problem letting go In a new interview with Empire, he says that while the film is "locked," he still wants to tinker[...]
Halloween Ends Hits Peacock Same Day As In Theaters
Halloween Ends will follow the same release pattern as Halloween Kills Even though Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum steadfastly said that Ends would not do so, the final part of David Gordon Green's trilogy will debut on Peacock the same day as theaters, October 14th Recently rated R, because this is a Halloween film, this is[...]
Halloween Ends Trailer Debuts, 45 Years Comes To A Head On Oct. 14th
Halloween Ends releases this October, with Laurie Strode making her last stand against Michael Myers four years after the events of Halloween Kills That film ended with Michael murdering Laurie's daughter Karen, played by Judy Greer This film will conclude David Gordon Green's trilogy, which launched in 2018 as Blumhouse, Green, and screenwriter Danny McBride brought[...]
Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on 'Final Girl' Importance After Halloween
Though Curtis has always voiced her support for the genre and its potential importance to audiences, the respected actor finally feels like she can see things a little clearer on the heels of her Halloween Ends experience Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green. In a new interview with[...]
Halloween Ends Will Truly Be the End (For Blumhouse)
With the trilogy now coming to a close this October when Halloween Ends is released, it will also become the lengthiest addition to the Halloween continuity, telling a complete (four-chapter) story from start to finish without any drastic changes to the team. Now, as Halloween Ends is gearing up to conclude the Blumhouse tales, the studio's[...]
Halloween Timelines- Which One Is Your Favorite?
Halloween Ends, the third part in the David Gordon Green trilogy, has wrapped up filming and now will enter post-production Producer Ryan Turek posted about the film finishing filming on Instagram last night "A wrap on our Halloween trilogy Incredible journey Amazing cast, amazing crew While we obviously have post-production ahead of us, it's still an[...]
Halloween Timelines- Which One Is Your Favorite?
Halloween Ends is filming as we speak, as David Gordon Green puts the final stamp on his trilogy of films exploring the relationship between a monster and the place that birthed him Jamie Lee Curtis has been posting updates from the set on her Instagram, including this one from today, showing herself, Kyle Richards, and[...]
Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on Halloween and Laurie Strode
It's pretty crazy to imagine that after more than 40 years, the Halloween franchise not only has untapped potential for life remaining with fans and critics – but that it's been able to thoroughly revisit the beloved world created by John Carpenter with unforgettable horror creations. Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, directed[...]
Halloween Ends: Kyle Richards Will Return As Lindsey Wallace
Halloween Ends is bringing back Kyle Richards The actress has signed on to reprise her role as Lindsey Wallace in the final film in David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy Richards played the role first as an eight-year-old in the original 1978 film and was brought back along with a whole host of characters from that John[...]
Halloween Ends Feels More Like A "Coming Of Age Story"
Halloween Ends will complete the David Gordon Green trilogy of films in 2022, and the director, coming off the success of Halloween Kills last month, is still out there doing press and talking the finale In a new chat with Empire Spoiler Central Podcast, Green teases what to expect with Ends, and it is, well,[...]
Why Halloween Kills is a Worthwhile Middle Chapter of the Trilogy
If you enjoy extended continuity, callbacks, and full-circle follow-ups, Halloween Kills has everything you might want and more. Prepares us for a heavy conclusion in Halloween Ends After two viewing of Halloween Kills, one thing I found myself most interested in is the idea of what the future holds. Obviously, the ending of the film was a very final[...]
David Gordon Green on "Evolution" for Laurie in Halloween Ends
If you're one of the masses who has already seen Halloween Kills, you probably have some feelings about the ending – and where we might end up with the next film Halloween Ends. Luckily, the final film in writer/director David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy is set to begin filming early next year, so Halloween will come[...]
Halloween Ends Script Is Done, Waiting For John Carpenter Notes
We know that the finale of this trilogy of films that started in 2018 comes to a close next year with Halloween Ends, and director David Gordon Green recently had a chat with our friends at Bloody Disgusting, where he revealed that the script for Ends is done "Halloween Ends is complete, and actually, I'm[...]
Andi Matichak On Making Son, Teasing Halloween Kills
She was chosen to be a part of the Strode lineage in the 2018 Halloween film and will reprise her role in Halloween Kills this year and next year's Halloween Ends She is also now starring in an excellent film titled Son, directed by Ivan Kavanagh In it, she plays a mother trying to determine[...]