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Halloween Ends Feels More Like A "Coming Of Age Story"
Halloween Ends will complete the David Gordon Green trilogy of films in 2022, and the director, coming off the success of Halloween Kills last month, is still out there doing press and talking the finale In a new chat with Empire Spoiler Central Podcast, Green teases what to expect with Ends, and it is, well,[...]
Why Halloween Kills is a Worthwhile Middle Chapter of the Trilogy
If you enjoy extended continuity, callbacks, and full-circle follow-ups, Halloween Kills has everything you might want and more. Prepares us for a heavy conclusion in Halloween Ends After two viewing of Halloween Kills, one thing I found myself most interested in is the idea of what the future holds. Obviously, the ending of the film was a very final[...]
David Gordon Green on "Evolution" for Laurie in Halloween Ends
If you're one of the masses who has already seen Halloween Kills, you probably have some feelings about the ending – and where we might end up with the next film Halloween Ends. Luckily, the final film in writer/director David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy is set to begin filming early next year, so Halloween will come[...]
Halloween Ends Script Is Done, Waiting For John Carpenter Notes
We know that the finale of this trilogy of films that started in 2018 comes to a close next year with Halloween Ends, and director David Gordon Green recently had a chat with our friends at Bloody Disgusting, where he revealed that the script for Ends is done "Halloween Ends is complete, and actually, I'm[...]
Andi Matichak On Making Son, Teasing Halloween Kills
She was chosen to be a part of the Strode lineage in the 2018 Halloween film and will reprise her role in Halloween Kills this year and next year's Halloween Ends She is also now starring in an excellent film titled Son, directed by Ivan Kavanagh In it, she plays a mother trying to determine[...]
Halloween Kills Coming  October 2021 "No Matter What" Says Jason Blum
Unfortunately, we can't score the next one (Halloween Ends) because everything's on shutdown Hopefully, things will get better next year." With that being said, everything for Halloween Kills is clearly lined up perfectly, just waiting to cut its way into genre fans' hearts — and we can rest easy knowing that there's still at least[...]
Halloween Kills Coming  October 2021 "No Matter What" Says Jason Blum
We have Halloween Kills coming in 2021, with Halloween Ends following in 2022, but the future beyond the two confirmed sequels is unknown Despite that nerve-wracking uncertainty, we finally slight insight on what could be a heavy influence in the endgame… but that basically just added to the paranoia. The 2018 version of Halloween (and a[...]
Halloween Kills Coming  October 2021 "No Matter What" Says Jason Blum
Earlier this year, Universal and Blumhouse moved the film to October 2021, also pushing back the trilogies finale Halloween Ends to 2022 Seemingly left for dead at the end of 2018's Halloween, Michael Myers returns to terrorize Laurie Strode, her daughter, and her granddaughter in Halloween Kills Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andy Matichak[...]
Halloween Kills Delayed A Year, Forever Purge, More Delayed As Well
Halloween Kills has been delayed a year to October 15th, 2021, also moving the third film in the trilogy Halloween Ends to a year back as well to October 14th, 2022 This ends the drama around when we may start seeing the ramp-up in promotion for the film as well Moving to Halloween Kills original[...]
"Halloween Kills" Actor Says It's the Nastiest Film Yet
I hope I get to do more horror movies." Well, hopefully, she doesn't die in this one so she can be in Halloween Ends in 2021 If they did have to delay part two, am I the only one who thinks it would be sweet for them to release both at the same time with a[...]
New Trailer Shows "Halloween" Isn't Quite Over Yet
We'll have at least two more movies in the Halloween lexicon, with Halloween Kills coming out on Friday, October 16th, 2020, and Halloween Ends slashing its way into theaters on Friday, October 15, 2021. Here's that shiny new trailer, with the ultimate brother/sister road show in action: https://youtu.be/7skIwTA8e90Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Halloween Announcement[...]