Let's Talk About America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 6

Tonight's episode of  America's Next Top Model cycle 24 (episode 6) is called "Beauty Is Pride" and that immediately makes me think lions.  Or maybe the 7 deadly sins again?  I digress.  As we know from last week's sneak peek at this week's episode, RuPaul's Royalty squad-  several Drag Race All Stars contestants are the special flavor:

Also, if you missed it last week, you can catch up on what happened here. Don't forget that VH1 has this cycle's episodes on their website, within a day or two of airing. And- watch the interview segment with judge Drew and the girl that went home in c24e4 here.

As a reminder, prizes for the winner of this cycle of America's Next Top Model include a cover and spread with Paper magazine, modeling contract with Next Management, and the new twist this year- an ANTM mobile game where the winner will be an avatar along with Tyra, and $100k from Pantene.

We're going to keep a running commentary of the highlights of the episode as it airs, so check back.

Things that happened:

  • The episode opens with the girls in the car on the way back from panel (from last
  • Brendi confronts Christina about her attitude
  • The general consensus is that Coura should NOT have gone home
  • TyraMail #1 It's Pride week, celebrating the LGBTQ community
  • Liberty reminds the audience she's from a place that isn't totally tolerant of
    such lifestyles
  • The girls are practising their walks with pillows on their heads
  • Brendi reveals that she's bi
  • The girls arrive at Micky's in West Hollywood
  • Law, Drew, and Stacey McKenzie are there for a challenge
  • Drew tells them it's a popup runway- the girls are in charge of doing their own
    makeup and hair.
  • Christian Cowan is the designer they're working with
  • The model who wins will walk in Cowan's fashion show during NY Fashion Week
  • Brendi breaks down because of her critique
  • Drew and Stacey both tell her not to feel like she's let her community down
  • Khrystyana won the challenge
  • TryaMail #2 "it's all about respect- because a princess always bows to a Queen"
  • Liberty says she doesn't agree with feminism, and wants to help teach the other
    girls to see the beauty in Republicans
  • Christina tries to bury the hatchet, kind of, with the ladies in the hottub,
    telling them about her background
  • Brendi of course doesn't budge on her positions of pointing out that Christina is
    very stuck up, and Christina doesn't believe she's done anything worth
    apologizing for.
  • The evening continues with Christina crying to her confessional cam
  • The next day the girls arrive at their challenge, Drew meets them and gives them
    their challenge
  • The girls will be posing with RuPaul Royalty: Katya, Manila, Valentina
  • Each of the contestants will be paired with one of the Queens, posing as a
    Princess who wants to take the crown
  • Rio gets to pose with Valentina
  • Liberty: "I've heard about drag queens, but I've never seen one in real life"
  • The three queens come over to speak to Liberty and omg Katya's face is EVERYTHING
    we've been thinking about the girl since the beginning of the cycleLet's Talk About America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 6
  • Liberty asks them what they want from her, and Katya responds "well, we wanna set
    you on fire and roll you down a hill."
  • Liberty is paired with Katya, and it's not going so great
  • Khrystyana is paired with Katya, who says "she's so beautiful she's disgusting"
  • Kyla is paired with Manila, and isn't quite sure what she's doing with her body
  • Shanice is paired with Valentina, and they did turn out some nice ones
  • Erin is with Manila
  • Jeana is with Valentina
  • Sandra is also with Valentina and isn't doing too hot either
  • Christina tries to play victim, and poses with Katya
  • Brendi is with Manila, and although Drew is fighting with her for poses, the
    camera clearly loves her face
  • TyraMail #3- asking the girls if they think they have what it takes to be 'Next
    Level Fierce', meaning panel is next
  • Panel starts, Tyra reintroduces the judges and reminds the contestants what the
    prizes are
  • I disagree with half of what Drew is saying this time, although I agree that
    Brendi will never be a star, her photos are good, as was Jeana
  • Best photo goes to Khrystyana
  • It comes down to Liberty and Kyla
  • Liberty is going home. You can read her statement to Entertainment Weekly here, where she claims she "didn't vote Republican", even though she says she does in pretty much every episode this season. Good riddance. Hopefully Christina is going next.

Looks like next week is going to be a "stripped" episode, the models without makeup, being shot by Tyra (judging by the promo).

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