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SAW 10 Film Collection Now Available In Stores, We Take A Look

SAW fans: we take a look at the new 20th anniversary Blu-ray collection. Should you pick this up? Well, yes and no is our answer.

Article Summary

  • SAW 10-film 20th anniversary collection includes Blu-ray/DVD of each movie.
  • Sturdy packaging with a problematic cover cut-out; discs are stacked, risking scratches.
  • Set features nothing new except for SAW X and comes with cool glossy art cards.
  • Great for new collectors; existing owners of the series may not need this edition.

SAW fans have had to buy a lot of editions of the series on DVD/Blu-ray/4K, and as the series keeps adding entries, that will not change. For instance, right now, there is a 10-film collection in stores, which includes every entry in the series through last fall's SAW X. This set is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, which is crazy to think about. Lionsgate was kind enough to send us over the set to take a look at, so scroll below to see what we think.

SAW 10 Film Collection Now Available In Stores
Credit Jeremy Konrad

The SAW Set To Buy

When this was revealed, I was skeptical. I usually hate when they do box sets for a franchise that is not over, and this one is not. But what franchise is these days? Also, I will give it a little leeway with this being billed as an anniversary set. The design of the box set cover is a problem, as the cut-out on the front is super easy to rip, which is annoying. Other than that, the discs are housed in one of those extra-large clamshell packages that are very sturdy, but inside, they stack the discs. I never have been a big fan of this, as it can lead to easy scratching.

One surprise is that this is 20 discs. You get a copy of each film on both Blu-ray and DVD, which is kind of neat. It may be disappointing for some that these are re-releases of previous versions, so there is nothing new here unless you already own SAW X. The included art cards are pretty neat in their glossy glory. Three of them are reversible, with iconic images from the franchise. It's pretty cool that one of them is Chester Bennington, the late lead singer of Linkin Park, who was a Jigsaw victim in SAW 3D.

Overall, if you don't already own any of these, this is a great set to pick up and get the whole franchise at once. They even included a digital code for all ten films as well, so you are getting three versions of every movie in the franchise. If you own these already, there is no reason to grab this collection.

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