Mark Hamill Getting Emotional When Seeing Yoda is All of Us Too

Mark Hamill is a hero to a large number of us for many reasons, but chief among them is how he wears his emotions like a badge of honor. Those of us who have met him know what a warm and kind person he is. That is part of why his role in The Last Jedi was so affective — Luke Skywalker means so much to so many people that when he lays eyes on Yoda on Ahch-To we all felt how Luke felt. I know I cried. And quite a bit of that had to do with how Hamill reacted.

Well, it turns out he was not acting very much. In a touching behind-the-scenes video, Luke Skywalker himself chokes up at the sight and sound of the old Jedi master. Not only that, there is a sweet moment between himself and the legendary Frank Oz that will make Star Wars fans weep.

I know if I had been on set that day (or any set, really), just the sight of Luke Skywalker getting coffee would send me into an emotional tailspin, so seeing something like this play out in front of me would have wrecked me.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Mark Hamill and Yoda

More and more of this footage is being found as the street date for The Last Jedi draws near. This can presumably be found in a wonderful-sounding documentary titled The Director and the Jedi, which had unprecedented access to the cast and crew included as a special on the release. It also includes some of the long-rumored tense scenes between Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson over the direction of Luke's character. It all turned out alright if you ask me, and the two seem to be on great terms now.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits streaming services tomorrow, while the Blu-ray hits stores on March 27th.

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