Yoda Gets Expensive with Bronze Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Yoda Gets Expensive with Bronze Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Yoda is here to bring balance to the force with a pricey new statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Baby Yoda is easily one of the biggest things floating around in pop culture lately but we can't forget the roots. Sideshow is bringing out the cash with this 31" tall bronze Yoda statue. He is sculpted after […]

the mandalorian

"The Mandalorian": Is Baby Yoda the Turn – Or the Prestige? [OPINION]

Disney +'s The Mandalorian is a runaway hit live-action series. Set in the Star Wars universe and set just a few years after the Battle of Endor, it follows the adventures of a foundling-turned-Mandalorian who hunts down bounties, lives by a code, and is quick with a blaster and with a bon mot. The following […]

Baby Yoda Merch is On The Way, Maybe Even by Tomorrow Mandalorain Fans

Baby Yoda Merch is On The Way, Maybe Even by Tomorrow Mandalorain Fans

Baby Yoda is the hottest thing in the world right now. The little tyke from the first two episodes from the Disney+ Star Wars show The Mandalorian has captivated not just the fanbase, but anyone who lays eyes on the thing. The one question on everyone's mind is the same: where can we buy one? […]

"The Mandalorian" S01, Ep02: "The Child" Brings Out Your Inner Jawa (Spoiler Review)

"The Mandalorian": Jon Favreau's [SPOILER] Concept Art Kills Internet with Cuteness

By now, we're sure you've had the chance to check out Disney+ and Jon Favreau's first live-action Star Wars television series, The Mandalorian (check out our reviews of the first two episodes here and here). At least we're hoping you have, because even though we're going to keep this conversation vague there's just no way the […]

New Star Wars LEGO Sets Incoming for Triple Force Friday  

New Star Wars LEGO Sets Incoming for Triple Force Friday 

Star Wars LEGO sets have always been a hit in the collector world. It's a way for us to build some of our beloved scenes from the films. With Triple Force Friday happening new Friday, October 4th. Star Wars has announced a massive wave of LEGO Star Wars sets coming next week. First up on […]

Funko SDCC Exclusives 2019 Round 1: Marvel and TV!

Every Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusive in One Place

Funko Fanatics: your Super Bowl has arrived. This week is SDCC of course, and as always, the makers of Pop have brought an obscene amount of exclusives to the show. The good news for everyone is that more of them are shared exclusives than ever before. So, without further ado, here is every single exclusive […]

Star Wars Celebration Chicago Hasbro Reveals!

Star Wars Celebration Chicago Hasbro Reveals!

Habro held their Star Wars Celebration panel yesterday afternoon, where they revealed their summer slate of Black Series, Vintage Collection, and exclusives that collectors will be gobbling up until The Rise of Skywalker toys hit in the fall. Some really great stuff was shown, and they have now sent over official images of all of […]

Star Wars Jedi Hero Qui-Gon Jinn Finally Getting a Hot Toys Figure

Star Wars fan-favorite Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn is finally getting the Hot Toys release he deserves. He will come with his Jedi robes, tunic, lightsaber, eight sets of interchangeable unique hands, a comlink, grappling hook, three holograms of Yoda, Mace Windu, and the Naboo starfighter, and so much more. He will be up for preorder soon, […]

Funko Reveals Their Star Wars Celebration Chicago Exclusives

Funko has revealed their exclusives that will be available at this years Star Wars Celebration being held in Chicago April 11-15. One thing is for certain: fans of chrome Pops will be super excited. Funko runs their booth at Celebration like SDCC and other big cons, meaning that the only way to get into their […]

Three New Figuarts Preorders Are Up: Yoda, Iron Man, and Gamera

Three new Figuarts figures can be preordered now for release in August. First, a version of Yoda from Revenge of the Sith. He comes with a lightsaber, his cane, interchangeable heads and hands, and even his Senate seat. Next, the gold and black "Python Armor" from the House Protocol scene in Iron Man 3. This […]

Grover/F-Bomb Debacle Update: Frank Oz Wants You to Stop Projecting Onto Muppets

UPDATE: At a time when the nation finds itself hopelessly adrift in a moral quandry caused by the alleged foul-mouthness of Grover aka Grover Kent (see original reporting below), a voice filled with (appropriately enough) Yoda-like wisdom offered his ruling on the matter – which we can now classify "Case Closed" (for now). That's right, […]


Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Figures Hitting Walmarts Now, Everywhere in January

Star Wars Kids launched today, and alongside the new animated shorts series Galaxy of Adventures is a new wave of figures from Hasbro. Well, no new figures, but new packaging. Hitting Walmarts right now, and then spreading everywhere in January, these galaxy of Adventures figures are 3.75 inch, feature 5 points of articulation, and each […]

Gentle Giant Darth Vader ESB Cave Statue

New Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Statue Up For Order From Gentle Giant

Darth Vader has a new statue coming out from Gentle Giant in 2019. This one will be based on his appearance on Dagobah in the cave Yoda has Luke Skywalker enter to face his fears from the Empire Strikes Back. The statue is in the 1:8 scale and features great sculpting work and detail, and […]

Yoda Gets an Amazing Statue From Iron Studios, Coming 2019

Yoda is getting a new statue for Star Wars fans to drool over from Iron Studios. Running collectors $599, the polystone statue is in the 1/4 scale and features tons and tons of easter eggs for fans to discover. Two different Yoda bodies are included, one with him standing there, and another with his eyes […]

Funko SDCC Exclusive Star Wars Cad Bane Pop

Funko SDCC Exclusives Wave 2: Star Wars! Plus: Clone Wars Pops in August

Funko has begun revealing their massive amount of SDCC exclusives for 2018. This is the time that all collectors both dread and look forward to all year. As they have been for the last couple of years, a majority of these exclusives will be shared with retailers outside of the con. That list usually does […]

Star Wars Hot Toys Yoda 2

Star Wars Favorites Yoda and Count Dooku Get Dueling Hot Toys Figures

Star Wars collectors will have two new Hot Toys releases to look forward to soon. From Attack of the Clones, we will be getting Yoda and Count Dooku releases in 2019. Yoda comes with plenty of interchangeable hands, a hilt, a lightsaber, and cane. Dooku has with him his lightsaber (one of the coolest in […]

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Mark Hamill and Yoda

Mark Hamill Getting Emotional When Seeing Yoda is All of Us Too

Mark Hamill is a hero to a large number of us for many reasons, but chief among them is how he wears his emotions like a badge of honor. Those of us who have met him know what a warm and kind person he is. That is part of why his role in The Last […]