Just What Is Marvel Hiding From Us At Their D23 Exhibit?

Just What Is Marvel Hiding From Us At Their D23 Exhibit?

Alright so this one is almost definitely not down to Stan Lee, but if I need a personal face of Marvel, its Stan, Axel Alonso, or Ike Perlmutter. And I think we'd all prefer Stan Lee. So, this report comes to us from one of the many personalities that have made their way to D23 this weekend, yours truly not included. According to attendee reports, including one very vague tweet by film critic J. Brunansky, part of Marvel's booth is completely covered in black sheets.



While Brunansky is absolutely on to something by thinking that the hidden parts of Marvel's exhibit will be unveiled after tomorrow's Marvel panel, the big concern is just what in fact they are hiding from us. It is absolutely tied to one of the announcements they'll be making tomorrow, or perhaps several announcements, with a lot of speculation hinting that it is related to Infinity War as some of the sheets hide the section of the exhibit behind Thanos, who himself seemed to be under a sheet until last night.

Could be we're going to get a glimpse of some new Avengers or Guardians costumes, a look at Thanos' lieutenants, or some characters that will be new to the MCU. Possibly even MCU-specific characters. The mind just boggles when you start thinking of every possible thing that could be under that sheet. Adam Warlock, Tane, and Death are three of the most talked about possible inclusions, as all three are somewhat necessary for any Thanos and Infinity War story, after all.

However, that's not the only thing covered in black at the Marvel booth. So we might just have a massive MCU announcement coming our way. Or Marvel has decided on some major costume overhauls for all of their characters going forward and we're going to have a fantastic look at all of them at D23 tomorrow.

My personal bet though, is that it's Howard the Duck.

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