Marvel Studios Shares New Preview With First Eternals Footage

Marvel Studios made everyone cry this morning, posting a new video welcoming fans back to theaters. Typically, we would all be seeing a new Marvel film this week, as they have owned the first week of May these past few years. But because of the pandemic, we have not seen that logo on the big screen since Spider-Man: Far From Home released on July 2nd, 2019. by the time Black Widow releases on July 9th, it will have been two full years. Let that sink in for a minute. This trailer of sorts welcomes us back, shows the first footage from Eternals, and also debuts some new titles to films we knew were coming. Check it out and cry below.

Damn You Marvel Studios…You Had To Add That Stan Lee Voiceover

Marvel Studios is going to have a busy 2021 after taking 2020 off because of pandemic delays. WandaVision kicked us off, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has one episode left, then Loki makes a grand entrance in June, followed by Black Widow on July 9th, finally. Shang-Chi follows on September 3rd, then the oft-delayed Eternals film opens on November 5th. Spidey swings again on December 17th rounding us out. Oh yeah, there is also What If…Hawkeye, and maybe Ms. Marvel on Disney+. I'm going to go lie down now.

Marvel Studios
Credit Marvel Studios

How badass does THAT look? After having pretty much zero excitement for Eternals, just that shot above and the few stills we got of the group all together like that sent me from zero to sixty pretty quick. Plus: swole Kumail Nanjiani is awesome.

There it is: the release slate for Marvel Studios through May 2023. Spider-Man: No Way Home in December, followed by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness March 25th, 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder on May 6th, 2022, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on July 8th, 2022, Captain Marvel 2 is now The Marvels and is releasing November 11th, 2022, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will come out February 17th, 2023, and James Gunn wraps up his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy with Vol. 3 on May 5th, 2023. Oh, and Marvel Studios keeps teasing us with that Fantastic Four logo….

Strap in, True Believers. The next 18 months are going to more than make up for the last 18. Avengers Assemble!

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