Marvel's Inhumans Are For Kids… Who Like Complicated Politics

Tonight is the red carpet premiere of Marvel's Inhumans and we've already posted a somewhat surprisingly spoiler-ish new trailer, but I won't mention that here. I will talk about a few new bits of information that we know thanks to Rotten Tomatoes, information that helps set some expectations for the series… and seems a bit contradictory.

Marvel's Inhumans

The first thing is that while some of the Marvel properties are dark, like the Netflix series, this one is made for kids. Yet… you might want to skip the first five minutes if you're under a certain age. Confused? This is what actress Serinda Swan says:

A lot of it is making the worlds of children just that much bigger and brighter. It's really incredible when you think about that. It's a really unique opportunity to be able to bring that to them. It is magical hair that can fight people. Maybe skip the first five minutes if you're a certain age and younger. It's done in a loving, playful way.

Skip the first five minutes that are done in a loving and playful way? Or the rest of the story is done that way except the first five minutes?

Lets move on to actor Anson Mount talking about Lockjaw and why kids will love him:

The goofy sidekick is usually just there for comic relief. What I love about this, is they found a way to make Lockjaw active in the plot because he's so dim.

Wait… he's important to the plot because he's dim? You're trying to get us to watch the series, right? Lockjaw isn't dim in the comics… you've read the comics, right?

You've got to figure out how to do it for a different medium. In TV you can't linger on those gorgeous cells. TV keeps moving and TV has to be a little more grounded in our world. It was interesting watching that process of conversion.

You're worried about grounding television series meant for kids that is based on comics… okay, at least you've made it clear who the good guys and the bad guys are, right? I mean… for the kids. Right, Miss Swan?

Both sides can be understood. I think there's no defined protagonist/antagonist. You see her kind of ebb and flow of what she thinks is right, her moral compass and conflict in the family. Inhumans see the humans as evil and the humans see the Inhumans as evil. So you see this dynamic, this duality come together where it's two misunderstandings. You start to bridge that gap over time and [learn] to be more open and compassionate to differences.

Other than the giant, dim, teleporting dog and the fact they live on the moon, what about this is for kids?

Marvel's Inhumans debuts in IMAX theaters on September 1st and on ABC on September 29th.



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