Is Matt Hardy Teasing The Return Of The Broken Gimmick?


Since The Hardys rejoined WWE at Wrestlemania, fans have been waiting for them to reprise the "Broken" gimmick that served as one of the high points of Impact Wrestling in 2016 while making due with what is hopefully a temporary nostalgia tour for the pro wrestling veterans. While the Broken gimmick has tied up in a legal battle between the lawyers of Impact Wrestling owners Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, on Twitter, insider sources have claimed that WWE plans to cut a deal with Anthem to purchase or license the Broken gimmick.

Matt Hardy, who recently changed his twitter handle to #CONFLICTED Matt, added fuel to the fire last night when he tweeted, "The CELESTIAL voices have started coming to me AGEEN," indicating his Broken character may soon be making a return:

Since returning to WWE, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been basically reprising their Attitude Era gimmick, though Matt has been slipping in reference to both the Broken gimmick and his Version 1 gimmick, used originally in the early 200s, both subtly in on-screen interviews, and less subtly on Twitter, where his Twitter handle has switched back and forth between the two. One of the hallmarks of that gimmick are Matt Facts, and Hardy revealed one of those on Twitter yesterday as well, once again mixing the two gimmicks by using the Matt Fact to promote an aspect of the Broken gimmick:

Could WWE have struck a deal (or decided they don't need to) on the Broken gimmick? The nostalgia gimmick can only carry The Hardys so far in their latest WWE run, and WWE will need to change things up before the act becomes stale. If the Broken gimmick is to return, it will probably be preceded by the Hardys losing the WWE Tag Team Championships, providing the catalyst needed for Matt Hardy to become Broken once again.


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