Who Might The Inhumans Face In Their New TV Series?

inh1With the announced Inhumans television series coming to a theater and television near you, its time to start thinking about what we are going to see. A leaked potential casting notice tells us we're likely to see the Royal family: Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Triton plus Maximus the Mad… and we better get Lockjaw. But you can't have a good action show without bad guys. So who are the villains that go up against the Inhumans. We're in luck, Marvel just put out a video for the top ten Inhuman enemies. I'll post the video at the bottom of the page, but lets go through the 10 entries to see if we can figure out who we'll see in the new series.

inh210 – The Kree. Now this one makes perfect sense as the Kree are the ones who made the Inhumans to be used as weapons and slaves. They have not only battled many times in the comics but its already set up in the TV universe as Marvel's Agents of SHIELD introduced the Kree and had them fight against Grant Ward. In the comics Ronan the Accuser planed to force the Inhumans into being an army he could use to wrench control of the Kree Empire back the Shi'ar. He was able to force Black Bolt and the others to obey him. There is not a happy history between the two. So the Kree is definitely on the list.

inh39 – Corvus Glaive. This is the right hand man of Thanos and sent by the Mad Titan to Earth, along with his Black Order, to find and kill Thane, Thanos' son. His usual job is to go to planets and force them to pay tribute to his boss. He often fights alongside his wife Proxima Midnight and the two could be a good set of villains for the series if Thanos sent him to rid the Earth of Inhumans in preparation for war or something. But this seems more like a couple episode plot and not the basis for a series. Maybe as part of the two-episode pilot, but I think the series needs more than this.

inh48 – Ronan the Accuser. He could've been a good choice, his story arc of taking over the Inhumans and them rising up against him. But… we've already seen Ronan in the MCU and he's currently vaporized by the Power Stone. I think if Marvel brings him back, it will be for the Infinity War, not a TV series.

inh57 – Doctor Doom. As the Inhumans were often allied with the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom became a regular villain for them as well. The problem, Marvel doesn't currently control the good Doctor, so we'll have to scratch old Victor Von Doom from our list of possibles.

inh66 – X-Men. Marvel puts the X-Men in at this spot because of how the Terrigen Mist affected mutants, pitting the two teams against each other. Besides the fact that Marvel wouldn't put two of their heroic teams opposite of each other on a regular basis… Fox still holds the rights to the Mutants so that's another no.

inh75- Thanos. Seems Thanos has an Inhuman son named Thane and he wants him dead. The odds of Marvel putting Thanos himself in the TV series more than for a cameo is slim. If they want to do the Thane storyline, it would have to be with Corvus Glaive and not the Mad Titan himself. So another no.

inh94 – Lash. Now Lash would be a perfect villain and great for TV. Which is why when they introduced the Inhumans onto Agents of SHIELD… they also introduced Lash and then killed him. Another one to cross off the possible list.

inh83 – Lineage. Now this is an interesting character, a mobster turned Inhuman, and I think he could bring a lot to the series as a regular that is causing trouble in their midst. But I can't see him being the big bad for a series. A henchmen for someone else, a pawn being moved by a bigger player. But not the man himself.

inh102 – The Unspoken. The former king before Black Bolt, he was overthrown only to return later to try and take it back. He was a wise ruler who buried the Slave Engine in Tibet, away from the Inhumans in fear it would corrupt his people. The moving left him weak and open for an attack, which came from the heir to the thrown Black Boltagan. Once the king was depose, Black Bolt has his name and all his dead removed from history. His coming back would be an amazing second season storyline… but I think they would need to establish the series first and foremost before you could do that. Black Bolt needs to solidly be king before you could question what he's done.

inh111 – Maxiums. Yes, Black Bolt's brother has always been the best villain against the Royal Family. I could see him making a move for the thrown over the course of the season, but to make it pay off you almost have to make him likable and part of the family before pitting him against them.

Of the top  10 Inhuman enemies according to Marvel, 5 of them are already off the able because of licensing conflicts or they've already been used elsewhere in the MCU. Which leaves a few interesting choices but nothing that jumps out as perfect… unless you go and treat this like a historical / political drama. Start the series with Black Bolt usurping the thrown and erasing the Unspoken. Show him trying to rule his people while dealing with Kree plots against them and Maximus and Lineage conspiring for the thrown. It then becomes Marvel's Game of Thrones or The Tudors on the moon. You can then mix in the Thane / Corvus Glaive storyline for the second half of the season and the Unspoken's return in season two. Now that's a series I would watch.


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