Millie Bobby Brown Describes Her Character Changes in Godzilla vs Kong

One thing that has become an interesting choice in regards to the upcoming film Godzilla vs. Kong is the choice to bring characters back — and I'm not talking about the monsters of the movie either.

The monster verse isn't exactly focused on bringing the human characters to the forefront of the films for obvious reasons. Still, in the next installment, we'll be getting to see familiar faces Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown), Dr. Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler), and at least one of the two twins Dr. Ilene Chen and Dr. Ling (Zhang Ziyi). Getting a chance to bring back some of these characters who became known in Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a way to keep some connectivity to the expanded universes prior events, and in a recent interview with Collider, Brown opened up about Madison's return.

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The Stranger Things and Godzilla vs. Kong actor tells the publication, "So, five years have gone by, and Madison has grown up. It's definitely a coming-of-age story for her. Her storyline has definitely evolved greatly in the way she deals with things, her attitude towards life, how much more stronger of a person. Really trying to follow in her mother's footsteps as well as strength-wise, she's becoming more strong, more independent, and understanding what she needs to do. Five years are gone by, and she's basically a badass."

Just based on the information we have taken away from the trailer, it looks like Brown's character will be championing Godzilla (which also doesn't look like a popular belief for other characters) and stepping into the role of Titan protector to some extent. When asked about if Madison and Godzilla will have a face-to-face interaction like Kong's companionship with the child from the trailer, she adds, "There are moments in King of the Monsters, where she gets to have amazing scenes with him, but definitely this movie, Godzilla versus King Kong, it's much more about the technical side of it, learning more about his, the data of him as a Titan. It's much more technical, and she's becoming more knowledgeable of him."

I suppose we'll just have to wait to see how Godzilla and Kong will match-up against each other with a human in their corner cheering them on. Are you excited to see where Godzilla vs. Kong will take the monster verse next?

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