Mobile Suit Gundam Creator Talks Demon Slayer Film Success 

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba recently became the most profitable theatrical release in Japan's box office history, surpassing films such as Spirited Away, Titanic, and Frozen, setting unprecedented records that couldn't have been anticipated — and more impressively, being a film derived from an anime series.

We've seen drastic growth through anime and film, with titles like My Hero Academia, Evangelion, and Dragon Ball being a few that have had massive impacts on viewers and moviegoers around the world. Another property that has always maintained a solid reputation and has kept their work continued in various forms is the highly respected Mobile Suit Gundam, first airing back in 1979.

From spin-off series to films, models, figures, and just about every piece of merchandise possible, the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has proven to be a lasting series for its mech-heavy inspirations. The creator behind the successful property Yoshiyuki Tomino recently opened up in an interview and discussed the overwhelming love for Demon Slayer.

Viz Media Demon Slayer
Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Train (Image: VIZ Media)

Tomino tells the publication, "When Demon Slayer came along, I thought, 'Damn! Those guys did it good!' when I discovered the team they had assembled," the creator elaborated. "The voice actors are great, the composer of the song that everyone knows is great. So many talented people showed up! In that sense, what I felt surpassed envy, and I started thinking, 'Man, those guys sure are something!'"

Tomino then later added, "Having said that, I don't think that Demon Slayer is a calculated or contrived work. I think that its assemblage was quite a coincidence." He concludes, "It's strange to have encounters that align so perfectly."

With the boom of anime to film, as well as live-action series (upcoming Netflix titles like Yu Yu Hakusho and Cowboy Bebop), it's wonderful to see creators supporting one another in hopes that the dominance of anime will continue for years to come. What are your thoughts on the many success of Demon Slayer?

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