Mondo Celebrates Ghostbusters With Posters, Pins, and Tiki Mugs!

Ghostbusters collectors are going to have a great day today, as Mondo celebrates the iconic comedy with a new set of posters by Ken Taylor, enamel pins, and four different versions of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man tiki mugs. This will all be available today on the Mondo site starting at noon central time. The cool part? Besides the variant Ken Taylor poster, the regular version is orderable for 72 hours, so everyone will get a chance to get one that wants one.

Mondo Ghostbusters Stay Puft Tiki Mugs

Four different glazeways of a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man tiki mugs will be available. The three available to order are the standard version for $50, a bone variant limited to 650 for $55, and a "Crossing the Streams" variant limited to 200 for $$75. The brown glazeway will be available exclusively available at select Alamo Drafthouse locations soon.

Mondo Celebrates Ghostbusters With Posters, Pins, and Tiki Mugs!

Finally, four new enamel pins by artist Tom Whalen and Bruce Yan will also be up for order. They are $10 a pin.

Look for all of these on sale today at noon central time here.

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