Mondo Music Release Of The Week: The Avengers Game

Mondo releases new vinyl special editions every single Wednesday. They are the ultimate edition of whatever they put out, featuring extensive liner notes, brand-new commissioned artwork, and always have a limited-edition size. The vinyl itself is usually colored or a photo disc, as well. Basically, it's like the Criterion Collection of movie and gaming soundtracks. This week sees the release of the soundtrack to the upcoming Marvel's Avengers game from Square Enix. Bobby Tahouri does the score, and you can check out the cover to the release by Phantom City Creative below.

Mondo Music Release Of The Week: The Avengers Soundtrack
Mondo Avengers Vinyl Soundtrack

Mondo's Avengers Game Soundtrack Vinyl Release

"Mondo and Hollywood Records are proud to present Bobby Tahouri's original score to the 2020 game Marvel's Avengers. Marvel's Avengers allows you to take control of earth's mightiest heroes in an all-new original playable story. Crafting original music for these iconic characters is no easy task, but Bobby Tahouri (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) has composed an epic, sweeping score deserving of the massive playable roster of Marvel heroes. Featuring all-new artwork by Phantom City Creative and pressed on 180 Gram Tri-Colored Vinyl, this title is available for pre-order now! (The game will be available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC this September.)"

Unlike most Mondo releases, this is actually available right now in the Mondo Shop. Most weeks, we have to wait for Wednesday for these drops, but not with this one. The beta for Marvel's Avengers has released, and from what I am seeing it seems it might have been worth the wait for it. One thing is for sure: that cover to the vinyl is pretty epic. That may be one of the best Mondo Marvel-related images released period up until this point. So, buy this, crank it up, and anxiously await for the game's release in September.

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