Mortal Kombat: Ryan Reynolds Uses Fan Casting for Mint Plug [SPOILER]

With Warner Bros' simultaneous HBO Max and theatrical release of Mortal Kombat, some fans probably found themselves disappointed that their favorite fighter might not be included in the reboot. There was one reveal set up for a likely sequel at the end that likely brought some joy and having some hoping that fast-talking Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds would step in. This is your major spoiler warning for the film.

Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
Copyright: © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures. Caption: (L-r) MEHCAD BROOKS as Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs and JOE TASLIM as Sub-Zero/Bi-Han in New Line Cinema's action adventure "Mortal Kombat," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Teased at the end was original Kombat fighter Johnny Cage, the Hollywood star and defender of Earthrealm. He was one of the original seven combatants in the 1992 Midway video game that included Liu Kang, Kano, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Sonya Blade, and Raiden. Cage was previously played by Linden Ashby in the 1995 live-action film adaptation directed by Paul Anderson.

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Image courtesy of Ryan Reynolds

Always the opportunist, Reynolds took to social media to fan-casting demands and, with some photoshop magic, superimposed his own face to the Johnny Cage model and matching background in Midway's 1993 sequel Mortal Kombat II using it to plug his mobile company Mint. Flashing on the center of the screen is "Mint Wins," with subsequent unblemished health bar having just defeated "Big Wireless" in a flawless victory. Also flashing was the "wins" in the upper left corner and "insert coin" on the upper right above the "Big Wireless" health bar in all its gif glory. The actor tweeted, "What do I do with casting rumors and wireless competitors upset that @usnews just named @Mintmobile 2021's best cell phone plan? Finish 'em!!" The only way the plug can be any more shameless if Mint-condition Johnny Cage was double-fisting bottles of his Aviation Gin. Reynolds will star in 20th Century Studios' Free Guy, which comes to theatres on August 13th.

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