Mr. Robot's Rami Malek Is The Lead In Bryan Singer's Next Superhero Flick

queenAccording to a report from Deadline, Rami Malek has been cast to play the role of Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic called Bohemian Rhapsody. Sacha Baron Cohen was originally attached to direct the film, but he had One Vision which involved an R-rated look at the band, while the band itself had another, so he decided it was best that The Show Must Go On without him and told them "I Want To Break Free" from his contract. British actor and director Dexter Fletcher was later brought on to direct a version starring Ben Wishaw, but that didn't work out, and, like the saying goes, Another One Bites The Dust. Luckily, everyone involved in the production understood that in order to Keep Yourself Alive in the movie business, you have to be willing to Spread Your Wings and move forward or else you're just going to go Stone Cold Crazy, the film will be dead of a Sheer Heart Attack, and all of your carefully laid plans will go up in a Flash… a-ah!

Brian May and Roger Taylor, who serve as music producers for the film, did eventually manage to find Somebody To Love in the director role, however. They are reportedly in negotiations with the man who brought A Kind Of Magic to the X-Men franchise, Bryan Singer. It's clear that the studio is telling Singer they want "No-One But You," but hopefully Singer isn't being too greedy and telling them "I Want It All," so a reasonable deal can be reached that finally ends this Bicycle Race. Singer and Malek will probably feel Under Pressure to deliver an excellent performance in honor of rock god Mercury, but if they can pull off making a great film, they'll be the Princes Of The Universe and all of us moviegoers will be cheering them on as they rightfully boast, "We Are The Champions."

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