Need For Speed Release Date Leaked By Xbox?

The Xbox website is having a hell of a week. First it bungled information regarding Halo: ODST in the Master Chief Collection. It seems that the website has now let out some key details regarding the release of EA's Need for Speed reboot.

As screen grabbed by reddit (via IGN) before it was taken down, a listing for the game showed up stating that it would be out on November 3rd. That seems about right, as most of the other games have come out around then too. I worry that it'll be very close to Black Ops 3's release, but I suppose they are different genres and shouldn't get in the way of each other. Maybe.

NFS_Release_Date-720x907 (1)

The listing also elaborated on the contents of the game a little too, saying that it will have five modes called Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. It also adds that you will be able to:

Carve your own unique path, via multiple overlapping stories, gaining reputation on your journey to become the ultimate icon.

I'm certain the date for the game will be confirmed during EA's E3 Press conference. This seems about right, but after what happened with ODST, lets just take this with a grain of salt for now.