Nerd Food: Lost City Diner In Baltimore, Maryland

Years ago my ex and I drove by this spot on Charles Street and were immediately drawn in. The exterior sign said "milkshakes" bold and proud, but the windows were all covered up with newspaper. For the following year the mysterious milkshakes place remained empty. And then one day, almost without any fan fare, Lost City Diner opened up. Located at 1730 N. Charles Street in the Station North area of Baltimore, the diner fit right in alongside Club Charles and The Depot.

But then it closed down unexpectedly. It obviously re-opened, and since then the menu has gradually gotten smaller. Gone are the days where they had a rather extensive sandwich menu (I miss you, tuna melt) and more vegan options (I really liked the hummus). Now the menu features mostly burgers and ice cream. I've come here a lot over the years. The tuna melt was my favorite thing on the menu, but then it was removed. I've had a number of items on here; the grilled cheese, disco fries, the Mercury and Starboy Burgers (pictured) are solid options. In fact, the Starboy tastes like a better quality Big Mac. The Mercury is a Reuben/Rachel but with hamburger, and honestly it works. Even with sauerkraut.

Lost City Diner Burger and Fries

The main draw to this place is the way it's decorated. It looks like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon threw up in here, but in the best way possible. Seriously, if you love pulp serials and old sci-fi movies, you need to visit this place once. Service is for the most part good, but sometimes an order will be slightly off (my boyfriend always gets pickles on his burgers, even after asking for no pickles. Not exactly the end of the world). Price wise it's not bad. If you take a date here, expect to spend around $27 bucks.

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