Netflix Buys the Rights to Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3 For $450M

In a move that is leaving this writer extremely conflicted, Netflix has reportedly spent nearly half a million dollars on the rights to the next two sequels to Knives OutKnives Out was a movie that sort of came out of nowhere in terms of box office and critical success. Everyone who knew about the movie was really looking forward to it because of the fantastic cast and Rian Johnson behind the camera. The movie did well at the box office and got a lot of critical acclaim, including some awards nominations and wins that it very much deserved. Once it was apparent that this was a hit in multiple ways, the idea of sequels came into play, and Johnson confirmed that he was working on another movie. We haven't heard that much about it ever since, but now we have a big movement. According to Variety, Netflix has purchased the rights to not only Knives Out 2 but Knives Out 3 as well for a whopping $450 million.

Netflix Buys the Rights to Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3 For $450M
Knives Out Poster. Credit: Lionsgate

Star Daniel Craig is set to return as Benoit Blanc, but he's going to be the only returning cast member at the moment, as far as we know. Johnson is also set to continue directing and writing the series as they make the jump to streaming. This is another big franchise series for Netflix on top of series that they already have that could produce a ton of sequels like The Old GuardKnives Out was also an awards contender, so you can bet that Netflix will take these sequels and give them an awards campaign once they come out the same way they pushed The Irishman a few years ago. It is a bit of a shame that these movies won't be seeing theatrical releases considering that Johnson does seem to be a proponent of the theatrical experience, but maybe Netflix will give it some sort of limited-run somewhere down the line.

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