New Black And White Noir Title White Night Looks Like It Could Be A Gem

Survival horror is really on an upward trend of late. Over the last year or two, we've seen what we thought might be a dead genre rise from the grave with titles like Outlast, Lone Survivor and Alien: Isolation taking the rope and running with it. .

This new title looks like it could be a gem too. White Night comes from developer Osome Studios, and looks to be mixing black and white noir with a haunted house. I'm all about this.

The synopsis is explained as:

Set in the 1930s and drawing from the rich themes of noir-era storytelling, White Night blends third-person action, exploration and puzzle-solving with the mature tension, challenge and tone of old-school survival horror adventures. As players investigate a shadowy mansion in the dead of night after a near-fatal car crash, what started as a search for aid will become a desperate quest to unearth the secrets behind the manor's tortured past.

Here is the trailer:


The game is out real soon too. It is comes to PC, Mac and Linux on March 3rd, PlayStation 4 on March 4th and Xbox One on March 6th.