New Concept Art For Neill Blomkamp's Cancelled Alien 5 Film

It feels like a cinematic tragedy to know there was solid potential behind Neill Blomkamp's Aliens sequel, but at least we'll always have details!

Ridley Scott Can't Stop Teasing Us About Another Alien Movie
Alien Covenant. Credit Fox

When we first learned about Blomkamp's ideas for an Alien 5 film, it became known that this would essentially retcon all films beyond the first two (Alien and Aliens). Picking up years after Aliens, the film would have had a more mature Ripley and Corporal Hicks, with Newt now grown and in her 20's. Dubbed Alien: Awakening, this would have enlisted Sigourney Weaver for one last film and passed the torch to Newt as the next lead of the Alien franchise; however, the disappointing box office numbers and transition of rights was essentially the demise of the film.

Though the film is (unfortunately) pretty much of the past now, there's still been slight details surrounding the proposed Aliens sequel to appreciate – and new concept art gives us just what we need. Artist Geoffroy Thoorens recently shared new concept art on his Instagram, showing off some excellent visual aids for the Blomkamp project. In the art, we see new mutations of Xenomorphs (a four-armed mutation), various Ripley shots including a Xenomorph suit, a stomach-seeking parasite, and many more spectacular presentations of the film that could have been.

The last time Weaver spoke about her presence or return to any Alien films, she seems very much content with leaving that behind her if it isn't the Blomkamp film. The star of the franchise told Empire Magazine she received a 50-page treatment for a possible sequel that wasn't connected to this concept and noted, "I don't know. [Ridley Scott] has gone in a different direction. Maybe Ripley has done her bit. She deserves a rest."

From everything we've heard about the idea to follow the best films of the franchise, Weaver's reluctance seems totally justified – and why bother returning at this point if the story doesn't feel right?

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